Chiara Andreatti with Izipizi – Moroni Gomma

Cortile d'Onore  Portale Nord - Università degli Studi di Milano

A theatrical optical totem that projects luminous vibrations, capturing the gaze of visitors. This is the idea of Chiara Andreatti to transform the North Portal of the Università degli Studi di Milano. The installation narrates the design commitment of Izipizi, the Parisian brand of prêt-à-porter eyewear.

Chiara Andreatti

“I have interpreted the architectural element of the arch as a folder/archive,” the designer explains. “The repetition of the eyeglasses and neon tubes is the focal point of the project, which gives rise to a sea of lights with a contemporary spirit. The portal is seen as the entrance to a newly generated world: the glasses, selected in the tortoise shell texture and in different tones, stand out against the luminous backdrop; their materials and colors are lighted, creating games of transparency and material character.”

A setting of great aesthetic and graphic impact that interprets the sophisticated but essential style of the Parisian brand. A space of passage becomes a place of interaction for visitors, invited to take selfies and to share them on the social networks, spreading the positive vibrations and iconic design of Izipizi.

To complete the installation, an exhibition inside the Moroni Gomma on Corso Matteotti, presents the photographic works of Gianluca Vassallo, showing various protagonists of the world of design wearing the Izipizi eyewear collections.