Luigi Spedini with Piscine Laghetto, Davide Groppi, TempotestBearesi Giardini

Cortile dei Bagni - Università degli Studi di Milano

The establishes a dialogue with the history of the Cortile dei Bagni and its central pools, built starting from the 18th century. Mirages is a dreamy work that suggests the sensation triggered by two extraordinary elements: light and water. Produced by Piscine Laghetto, a worldwide leader in the sector of above-ground pools, with design by Luigi Spedini and Rosalba Carollo, the project provides two areas of wellness and relaxation around two small pools: Playa Living and Dolcevita Divina.

Luigi Spedini

All around, bamboo canes stand as a symbol of rectitude, elevation and purity. But this regenerating space reaches its maximum theatrical impact at night, thanks to the lighting design by Davide Groppi. A light experience that invades the entire courtyard. “I thought about the idea that the true color of light is blue, like the sky, like water,” says Groppi.

“The space is flooded with an intense blue in which to plunge, like a great ablution, between earth and sky. The central pools of the courtyard are filled with colored light, rising to the upper porticos: the waterways and sky of Milan come together in a grand dream. The pools represent the lakes of Lombardy, with bamboo canes growing on the shores. Finally, a moon lamp reminds us of our human essence.”