NABA - Astrid Luglio and Claudio Larcher with Mionetto

Cortile d'Onore - Università degli Studi di Milano

To observe the world of sparkling wines through the lens of a dynamic experiential setting, where slope is simply a question of perception. The visual experimentation of the installation by Claudio Larcher and Astrid Luglio with a selected group of students at Naba interprets the natural value of a steep hillside, as in the region of Valdobbiadene, in the Veneto, where grapes are grown and harvested by hand to make Mionetto Prosecco.

Astrid Luglio

Oblique World is composed of ten artifacts in delicate blown borosilicate glass, placed vertically on an oblique plane, and obliquely on a horizontal plane. Five are displayed in structures with an angle of 27 degrees, while the other five are presented on a horizontal shelf, so the objects themselves, rather than the surface, appear to be oblique.

Claudio Larcher

The colored sloping structures, each two meters in length, are made in metal rod, while the horizontal structure is in metal. The space framed by a series of colored panels stands out for its clean geometric lines, emphasized by the chromatic range in tones of black, orange and white.