Ingo Maurer - Axel Schmid con Urban Up Unipol Projects Cities, Gruppo Unipol

Torre Velasca

After the experience in 2016, when for the event Open Borders Ingo Maurer and Alex Schmid lit up the Torre Velasca in red with the installation Glow, Velasca, Glow!, the two designers are back at one of Milan’s landmark buildings, making it a reference point for the city.

Ingo Maurer
Ph. Artcurial

Today the work by Maurer and Schmid, Torre Velasca Blu, makes the tower glow with a mystical, deep blue. The initiative is part of the exhibition organized by Interni, Human Spaces, and is made in collaboration with Urban UpUnipol Projects Cities, the project of Gruppo Unipol of real estate regeneration, bringing out the value of some of the most important examples of Italian architecture.

Axel Schmid
Ph. Sonja Mueller

To enhance the effect, beams of white light will project the geometric form of the architecture skyward, like a ‘crown’ at the tower’s summit. These vertical ‘decorations’ suggest an ideal link to the nearby cathedral and its spires. The technical lighting project for Torre Velasca has been done by CastagnaRavelli.

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