Fabio Novembre with Perdormire

Loggiato Ovest - Università degli Studi di Milano

“I have decided to write a new fable in which a long bed allows the good guys and bad guys of all the stories in the world to gather, mingle and finally destroy the barriers of orthodox dualism that frighten me more and more these days. The contours of things are much blurrier than we might think… like the size of a bed, for example. Sweet dreams!” says Fabio Novembre, who has fathomed the world of fable to create a red bed with a length of 21 meters that encourages visitors to linger and to share spaces, moments, thoughts, soothed by classical music and the view of the arches of the historic Loggiato Ovest.

Fabio Novembre
Ph. Settimio Benedusi

An immersive and multisensory experience in which red is the main color (setting the mood). A  luminous inscription hovers over the installation that forms a relationship with the entire Cortile d’Onore, being visible from various points.

The unusual off-scale bed is framed by six illustrations from the collection “Una Fiaba PerDormire” by Fabio Novembre: beds with evocative names (Castle, Princess, Dress, Cloud...) narrate little stories, hinting at an enchanted world.