Andrea Maffei with Fioranese

Portale Hall Aula Magna - Università degli Studi di Milano

Reinforced concrete has transformed the way we build and live in architecture, cities, new urban landscapes. At the same time, it has modified the mentality of people, who see it not only as a cold and gray material, but also as something living and vibrant.

The material effect of Dot porcelain stoneware by Fioranese, which reproduce the texture of concrete with patched holes like those caused by the stripping of formwork (in the triangular format they reinterpret the classic form of the rectangular shutters), covers the three accesses to the hall of the Aula Magna designed by Andrea Maffei.

Andrea Maffei

The result is a true concrete ‘wall’ cut vertically and dynamically opened in front of each entrance, with three large gates rotated by 30 degrees, like an invitation to enter. The spaces created in the three portals leave the cornices, pilasters and capitals of the old doors visible, establishing a dynamic relationship between antique marble and modern concrete.

A dialogue between old and new in the active flow of crossing from the outdoor setting of the cloister to the indoor spaces of the building