Estudio Campana with Apex Brasil

Cortile della Farmacia - Università degli Studi di Milano

The installation suggests a dialogue between the organic lines of nature and the curves of architecture, creating a harmonious symbiosis of landscape, time and space. Sleeping Piles encourages visitors to relax, leaving the chaos of the city and contemporary life behind them.

Ph. Fernando Laszlo
courtesy Estudio Campana

The project takes its cue from the colonnade of the Cortile della Farmacia: at the center stand seven towers with a height of five meters, covered with grass and producing a reverse image of the architectural curves of the arches. The work of the Campana brothers stands out for a remarkable ability to transform and reinvent. To grant precious value to humble, everyday or common materials is a very Brazilian attitude found in their design: colors, creative chaos, the triumph of simple solutions.

Sleeping Piles has been produced with Apex Brasil, the Brazilian Agency for the Promotion of Trade and Investment, which at the Museo della Permanente presents Brazil: Essentially Diverse, a multisensory exhibition that narrates the unique character of Brazilian material culture, focusing on its roots and its potential for transformation.