Ico Migliore – M+S Lab with Whirlpool

Cortile d'Onore - Università degli Studi di Milano

The Perfect Time is the title of the installation designed by Ico Migliore with M+S Lab for Whirlpool, with a focus on the W Collection oven.

Ico Migliore with M+S lab

M+S Lab is a container of research and experimentation that involves young professional figures from different fields, contaminating technical know-how with a more humanistic vision towards an inclusive conception of design.

Whirlpool is the brand that through advanced, intuitive technologies converging in the 6th Sense represents the perfect fusion between design and performance to improve life in the home, thus reclaiming the possibility of “Perfect Time.”

In close relation to the theme, the space of the installation has been approached as a sort of intelligent and permeable organism, to cross and inhabit in a multisensory experience. Walking into the installation means discovering different times and scenarios. Venturing into a forest of light parts in white and transparent PVC, at full height, a landscape takes form, where perception varies from day to night.

At the enter a large transparent bubble contains a cubical volume (about four meters per side) with golden nuances, welcoming visitors into an immersive space expanded by mirrors, environmental videos, lights, sounds and graphics, in dynamic narrative sequences.