Sinuous and sophisticated lines sculpted from raw and evocative natural materials for the Cris Barros fashion boutique, designed by Carolina Maluhy in Belo Horizonte

A material and sensorial journey, luminous and minimal: a journey out of time and frenzy.

In Belo Horizonte, in Brazil, the fashion boutique Cris Barros, fruit of the creative fusion - all Brazilian - between the fashion designer who founded the brand and the architecture studio Carolina Maluhy + Partners , based in Sao Paulo and London, is a sophisticated and layered space, outlined by sinuous and sophisticated lines, brushstrokes in natural tones, made with natural materials and punctuated by sculptures and pieces local craftsmanship.

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Four evanescent environments punctuated by tropical references

The new boutique, extending over 400 square meters, consists of four bright and airy rooms, connected to each other by evanescent portals, embellished with tropical plants. The spaces, permeated by plays of light and shadows, invite you to slow down and embark on a sensory journey made of silence, without disturbing interference from the outside world.

Between ponds and elderberry trees

At the entrance, a biological swimming pool with echoing sound effects catapulted onto the river bank, while branches of majestic elder trees, recovered from the artist, craftsman and designer Pedro Petry, give a wild touch to the atmosphere.

Sinuous and soft seats like moss between works of craftsmanship

From the natural water mirrors the pebbles that make up the niches for accessories and shoes in the second room, where a sinuous seat covered with green velvet refers to stones covered with lime or moss. The carpet, in the same shades of green, follows and emphasizes the soft shapes, in dialogue with the curvilinear sculptures created by the design atelier Frida Não Late and the 'wavy' totems, made in shades of off-white and wood and crowned with jewels designed by Cris Barros.

Natural light flows copiously

The 5 meter high ceiling and the walls finished with stone dust in sand tones multiply the light that flows copiously from the large domes installed on the roof and reflected on the rounded brushed brass hangers. The spaces are dominated by a sculptural white spiral staircase.

Intimate and inviting spaces lit by rough and wild pieces

Having reached the penultimate room, hidden by a large curtain, the frenzy of the outside world is a distant memory. Here, the soft carpet and draped linen curtains in natural shades of sand infuse a feeling of coziness culminating in the inviting 7 meter long sofa . To illuminate the spaces the warm and enveloping light emanating from the suspension lamps with fringed shapes to evoke the clouds designed by Adriana Yazbek. The boutique ends with a large room set up with a huge bench in raw wood that precedes the dressing rooms.