For the new look of this apartment in Cyprus, the interior designer Natalya Lenintseva was inspired by the sun, the sea and the sky, protagonists of the breathtaking view

The apartment we want to tell you about this week has undergone a decisive makeover, albeit limited to the reorganization of the interiors and, in particular, to the evolution of the color palette which from monotonous becomes hyper-vitamin and the fulcrum of the project.

Interior designer Natalya Lenintseva worked on precise aspects, limited to the furnishings and styling as requested by the property, which were able to give it a new face.

A little harmonic white box

Located on the nineteenth floor of one of the most prestigious residential complexes in Limassol, Cyprus, this apartment originally appeared as an impersonal white box totally organized in blocks of built-in wardrobes. An ordinary garment, certainly functional, but which had little in common with the breathtaking panorama in which it is immersed.

In fact, the association 'apartment with sea view, in Cyprus' brings to mind anything but a two-dimensional white box.

The sea, the sky and the sun were therefore the main sources of inspiration for a restyling work which had the aim of making the atmosphere welcoming and convivial without the structure and organization of the spaces being modified.

Restyling without borders

Considering the view enjoyed by the apartment as fundamental, also thanks to the large windows that dominate the living space, the designer wanted to play with small adjustments with a great impact, which would create close connections with the main colors of the landscape: blue, red and yellow .

Portions of space on the walls of each room were reserved for one or more tones: as if they were works of art, for example in the living room two rectangular shapes were painted superimposed on the backs of the sofa. Just like a painting, they take on a decorative and, at the same time, functional role: they are spots of color designed ad hoc to reflect natural light, enhancing it. In this way the energy from the outside penetrates inside the apartment.

Lenintseva designed the chromatic fake windows using the expressive color-block technique, then associating them with pieces of furniture chosen to emphasize the visual impact: "I was inspired by a wonderful summer day: when I entered the apartment, the first thing i noticed was the breathtaking view. I couldn't help but imagine the spectacular sunsets from the terrace! I wanted to transfer these colors inside the apartment, so I created a 'sun' behind the sofa, I brought the blue of the sea and the sky into the guest bedroom, the colors of the sunset into the master bedroom and the small bedroom the sea and the sun of the beach”.

The visual border between the view from the window and the space inside no longer exists: chromatic harmony has been able to cancel the limit between inside and outside.

Streamline environments

A further aspect to be fixed with the restyling concerned the airiness of the spaces. The apartment features rather low ceilings not allowing the property to enjoy airy spaces and slim heights.

To address the issue and give the home a little extra space, at least on the visual front, Natalya Lenintseva worked with vertical lines and upward-sleeping pieces of furniture that helped to increase the perceived height.

In this sense, the motif of the carpets by Roche Bobois and Linie Design were fundamental, as they were able to give dynamism to the interiors.

For the light points, however, the Gweilo lamp by Alexander Johnson designed by Partisans Architecture and the Night Bird spotlights by Brokis, positioned above the kitchen island, were chosen.

Dedar fabrics complete the liveliness of the new look.

Interior stylist: Diana Mukhtarova