If fixed furnishing systems and flexible partitions mark the spaces, it is rational lines and bright colors that outline the living paths of an apartment in Taranto

To stand out - for contrast - are the chromatic backgrounds that decorate the systems linear furniture in natural wood, marking a living, visual and functional path. We are in Taranto , where the fresh and dynamic studio biro + oversaw 2 + una, the renovation project of a bright apartment of 160 square meters with rational geometries and architectural perspectives declined in blue, red and an unexpected mint green.

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Material box

The interior reconfiguration project has completely transformed the house by redefining its functional layout. The apartment now appears as a simple but sophisticated box of materials defined by the wood flooring and furnishings emphasized by the white walls, painted by clear lines and backgrounds full of color which give it its distinctive personality.

Theatrical perspective views

With clean and minimal lines, the house is dotted with few furnishings, all cult pieces in the history of design. The - light and airy - perception of the environments has changed thanks to the ad hoc development of fixed furnishing systems and flexible partitions that separate, optimize and rhythm the spaces, designing clear but versatile geometries that create theatrical perspective views.

A long and narrow house (distorted)

The state of affairs offered an incorrect division of the rooms with respect to functions, paths and light, amplifying the problems dictated by a narrow and long house ”explain the designers. Our design choices have therefore radically changed the layout, defining a clear separation between the sleeping area , facing north, and day, to the east, preserving only the position of the toilets, one of which is for the exclusive use of the double room .

The fulcrum: a multifunctional containment system

The long connection path between the entrance and the living room has become the design opportunity to optimize spaces through the conception of a multifunctional storage cabinet: pocket emptier with mirror and coat hanger, it also houses the entrance for utility room and laundry room, an area that also acts as a service link between the kitchen, to which it is directly connected, and the bedrooms and the kitchen, thus defining the hierarchy of paths.

A sliding panel like a curtain

The living room, coinciding by extension with the short side of the house, opens up to different configurations thanks to the creation of a large and spectacular panel sliding which defines, on one side, the dining room , an extension of the kitchen, and from the on the other a portion of living which houses sofas, TV cabinet and integrated bookcase, as well as design lamps by Artemide and Stilnovo. Even the kitchen has the possibility to open or close with respect to the dining area through a sliding door that creates interesting - and colorful - perspective games.