Urban Hive is the new concept hotel in the heart of Brera, Milan, custom designed by the Vudafieri-Saverino Partners studio. A space where relaxation, liesure and business coexist in an uninterrupted contamination of urban vibrations

Urban Hive in Corso Garibaldi, in Milan, is the new address to mark for anyone looking for a hotel in the Brera area where the intimate sphere of relaxation and the dynamic sphere of business coexist well.

A stimulating space in which to work, together or in a team, and at the same time an enveloping environment in which to relax, enjoy a drink at the circular counter, meet friends or stay for a few nights in the city.

The project, signed by the Vudafieri-Saverino Partners architecture studio, takes shape on the structure of the ex Carlyle Brera, historic neighborhood hotel that has been completely redesigned with an intervention restyling aimed at giving a new cosmopolitan flavor to the 7 floors of the building.

The intriguing power of colorblocking

The color palette chosen for Urban Hive tells, already at first glance, of a completely renovated environment, clearly distant from the pre-existing Carlyle Brera: a way to recreate a new 'first encounter' also with the more fond.

What strikes the eye is the choice of intense tones of opposite colours, which fully focus on the eclectic and intriguing effect of the color block (the seductive Blu Pavone is an example used for the common areas in contrast with the vitamin colors of the armchairs), as an expression of the Milanese effervescence, always ready to welcome visitors from all over the world.

The legacy of tradition in an informal key

Tiziano Vudafieri and Claudio Saverino have created a place with an informal mood, in which the symbols of the past coexist with the modern soul of Milan.

The choices for the interior design and for the soft decoration reinterpret the tradition of 'Milanese' design in a contemporary key, citing the elegant timeless modernity of the post-war Masters' works, as well as the myths and the symbols of the city, from the Madonnina to the Bar Basso.

A combination of evocations of style and objects, which also refer to the worldliness of the city: from here, it is understood how the new Urban Hive hotel has been modeled to be a space flexible, with different interpretations.

Its dual soul means that it can also be experienced as a social hub, both during the day and in the evening, thanks to some services intrinsic to the structure: from multifunctional coworking areas to meeting rooms, from cultural events to business lunches and aperitifs offered at the Portico84 Cafè&Bar, with tables also positioned under the arcades of Corso Garibaldi.

Urban Hive in the Brera area: the made-to-measure interior design

In the new concept hotel in Corso Garibaldi the reception is no longer the fulcrum of the hall, but part of it, in a complete environment that includes a lounge bar and a relaxation area.

The ground floor has been furnished with a series of colored sofas positioned on a light oak parquet; the already welcoming atmosphere was encouraged with the use of soft lights, wooden bookcases, pop objects, graphics and illustrations that contribute to giving a sense of familiar relaxation.

Central to the lobby of Urban Hive is also the semi-circular counter in Canaletto walnut, with a marble top and brass finishes, designed by the architects with geometric diamond motifs that recall the chromatic nuance of the walls.

While, to train body and mind, floor - 1 is dedicated to the fitness area, equipped with Nohrd & Technogym.

In the name of circular days

The spaces have been designed and arranged so that those who live in the hotel on a daily basis can take full advantage of it at different times of the day, and according to the different work or personal needs.

For example, the mezzanine dedicated to breakfast - which can also be accessed via a spectacular heptagonal staircase in oak and steel - after 11am turns into a co-working space. Conceived for those who use flexible work spaces, it has been designed with movable walls to obtain modular environments where it is possible to obtain three different meeting rooms, as business areas for meetings and conference calls.

The space is embellished with wallpaper that depicts architecture and Milan icons, created to a design by 150UP, the creative studio that followed the art direction and visual identity of the project by selecting design objects, books illustrated and creating graphics for the interiors, elevators and windows as well as for ceramic plates and posters.

97 completely redesigned rooms

Conceptual research work was carried out to rethink the 97 rooms and suites of the Urban Hive hotel which also led to an accurate study of colour. Thus were born three different palettes that alternate on the floors of the rooms - terracotta pink, mint green and light blue - and which in the rooms contrast respectively with the blue curtains by Dedar of Prussia, Persian orange and amber yellow.

The furnishings were designed by the architects: from the beds to the wooden headboards with metal inserts, from the bedside tables to the bookcases and shelves up to the mirrors and the bathroom cabinet.

References to the most iconic symbols of Milan, the carpet with a geometric patchwork and vintage charm along the corridors, the dialogue between surfaces and coverings, reflect a tailor-made interior choice reflecting a project which, also through the declinations of the design of the rooms, it reflects the two souls of contemporary Milaneseness: the world of business and that of creativity, of which the Brera district is the symbol par excellence.

The goal of Vudafieri-Saverino Partners was to create a lifestyle structure, integrated with the context, to define a new view in the heart of Milan that could offer experiences and in which, through architecture and design, travelers succeed.