The conversion of a former parking lot into a small open space with a mezzanine gives back a protective shell lined with recycled materials. And there is no shortage of unexpected housing solutions

If in A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan, novel winner of the Pulitzer prize for fiction 2011, the young Sasha has an apartment with the bathtub in the kitchen, as was the custom in New York over in the 70s, in Barcelona a small apartment created in the space that once housed a parking lot has been configured as a fluid open space , so fluid that the fulcrum is the passing shower , located under the mezzanine, in visual continuity with a recessed circular basin. Intimate and (particularly) private spaces that, instead of being hidden, are located next to the stove and the convivial table.

Composite ingenuity

If the American writer stands out for the ingenuity of her literary constructions outside the box - A Visit from the Goon Squad is a novel fragmented into a series of interconnected stories, articulated in different temporal planes but connected by the recurrence of the same characters -, the project conceived by Bebo Ferlito and NáBito Architects for the loft LoVt3 is also experimental, made up of functional housing solutions that communicate with each other in only 70 square meters, as well as covered and furnished using various materials, all of recovery

A protective shell

The spaces of the old converted car park are located on the slopes of Barcelona's Montjuic, near the Refugio 307, an anti-aircraft tunnel built to protect citizens during the Spanish Civil War. A place that does not seem to be casual, a fitting metaphor to describe the intimate and cozy apartment it has become: a muffled shell frozen in time. A den with muted, neutral and natural colors to hide, curl up and relax, away from the daily frenzy.

Recycled materials and raw finishes

To mark the different living areas of the loft - yes, also wanting the kitchen from the bathroom - soft curtains at full height, made with raw fabrics that recall the texture of jute bags. The entire renovation and interior design project stands out precisely for the recovery of raw materials and elements of industrial style, in addition to the use of natural finishes coordinated with candid shades with dusty shades.


To make sustainable the design intervention, both architectural and interior design, the use of recycled materials and manual execution of the works: roof, wall and floor finishes, decorations, sanitary elements, accessories and taps all been handcrafted.

The furnishings

Most of the furniture, as well as some elements of ' furniture and lamps, were designed and created by hand by Bebo Ferlito, founder of NáBito Architects with Alessandra Faticanti.

Potential and reuse

“When I first entered the former parking lot, it was immediately clear to me the potential of the space to create a sort of hiding place, intimate and delicate tells Bebo Ferlito. “I was inspired by the various waste materials, leftovers and processing present everywhere: I immediately decided that I would reuse them by reinterpreting them.

Old materials, new ideas

The external sliding gate and the internal staircase, for example, are made with sheet metal steel previously used for the storage of the mezzanine” continues. An old piece of copper gave me the idea for the taps, some wooden boards for the kitchen table, while the cardboard boxes have become containers/drawers”. The result is a raw and industrial style that makes imperfection its strong point.

Experimenting by drawing and taking risks

I tried to exploit as much as possible everything that was already there, drawing from the origins of space and applying my creativity” concludes Bebo Ferlito. The result is an industrial-raw style loft that makes imperfection its strong point. A housing project that experiments by daring compositions and associations, just like Jennifer Egan.