At Super Cannes, the m2atelier architecture studio has redefined the boundaries between residence and the surrounding nature

"Get the most out of it" was the beginning of this project, which revolutionized the soul of a splendid contemporary style villa overlooking the most famous bank of the France, the Côte D'Azur.

The project was conducted and carried out by the architecture studio m2atelier, transforming an estate with a sea view and large outdoor area surrounded by greenery in a place of retreat from which to enjoy the surrounding panorama.

A new life

Starting from maintaining only the original volumes, the primary structure was transformed into a large residence in close contact with nature (overall, an area of 5 hectares organized in four units: Mainhouse, Poolhouse, Guesthouse and bergerie).

The expansion and multiplication of openings, the insertion of large windows, were the first steps to make the contamination between interiors and exteriors fluid. Light is central, even in winter. The connection with the panorama is essential.

The chromatic and material range

The summer timbre, typical of coastal residences, meets the welcoming soul of warm tones. Oak is the protagonist of the interiors, where clean and essential lines have been designed so that you can feel at ease in every room. For the outdoors, natural materials such as Iroko wood and local stone make the continuation of a conceptual and concrete path spontaneous.

M2Atelier, how to ensure that such a beautiful and well-designed house does not turn out cold?

The light - both natural and artificial - radiated on clean interiors and warm materials, is essential to warm up the project. But the choices material also count, the natural finishes able to dialogue with innovative technologies and materials.

Where did you start from to create a connection between artificial spaces and the natural landscape?

When a house has such an incredible exterior, the architect's role lies in emphasizing the interpretation of the garden and, beyond, of the sea, creating a warm and welcoming yet essential environment.

Our role here was to give a new identity to the house, to redefine the layout, to simplify the communication between spaces and to give an accent to the outside: in addition to opening the entrance and with a great light to two levels, we have created a 'bridge' to connect the sleeping area, master bedroom and guest areas. This bridge is perhaps the place to get the best view.

Where do we find luxury in this project?

The real luxury of this project is the space available to the guest and the careful selection of materials.

What are the most intriguing and interesting rooms from a design point of view?

The master area is in our opinion among the best cut, with new openings and very interesting private areas. Above the cinema room we have created another more hidden terrace dedicated to the master area where you can enjoy the morning sun in total privacy. The cinema room is a true distillation of cutting-edge technology.

Then there are the separate wellness and fitness areas. One houses the active area with fitness, swimming pool, health bar and relaxation area; the other, more dedicated to wellness with massage room and an outdoor 'zen', is located in another area of the property.

What relevance does light (natural and artificial) have in this project?

Light is extremely important within all of our projects. For this large residence we involved a lighting designer to support us in the lighting design and in the end the result was really satisfying. In general, the internal light accompanies the different spaces, enhancing them according to their functions and different uses during the various hours of the day. Outside the lighting is discreet and chosen to accentuate, in specific points, the depth and perspectives of the property's magnificent park.

Is there a strong point, an absolute protagonist of the scene in the whole project?

From an architectural point of view we identify in the double-height portal and in the bookcase of the entrance area, which characterizes the space and gives privacy to the circulation for the sleeping area, two truly very strong. Another element that we like to remember is the through fireplace of the master bedroom that overlooks both the bedroom and the bathroom.