Four private, independent suites in a 19th-century mansion overlooking Piazza Duomo tell the story of the measured - and tailor-made - luxury of the new hospitality

A private retreat in a privileged position for non-ostentatious luxury , made of austerity and measure. In the pure and cultured design, in the neutral and balanced colors, in the worked finishes and in the decorated but sober fabrics. A refinement that intertwines rigor and hospitality. In short, a Milanese luxury.

You can see Milan from every corner in the four suites of Amabilia, independent, sophisticated and muffled, housed at the top floor of a 19th century residence - Palazzo Carminati, recently restored - with a breathtaking view of Piazza Duomo. For the interior design project, Federico Peri thought to a location as comfortable as a home, but as sophisticated as a charming residence.

The sober essentiality of the new Ca 'di Dio hotel by Patricia Urquiola in Venice

Four suites that pay homage to the Milanese avant-gardes

Only four thematic suites - Montenapoleone, Triennale, Scala and Aperitivo - tribute to Milanese fashion, design, culture and style for those looking for exclusive hospitality, linked to Italian tradition, domestic but at the same time reserved.

First realization of a format created by entrepreneur Chiara Morgante which will be replicated shortly in Venice and soon in other Italian cities, the Amabilia Private Suites give back in every detail (which frames) an incomparable view of the quintessence of the spirit of the city.

A chame abode to take a city tour in four stages

The four suites represent an ideal tour of the Lombard capital. It is as if the guest, visiting the various rooms, retraces the key places of the city starting from the common space - a living room that reflects the characteristic Milanese sobriety - and experience that peculiar mix of comfort, austerity and luxury. "I wanted to create a small jewel, a place capable of evoking the elegance of the Milanese atmosphere, but also of expressing warmth through selected colors, refined essences and sophisticated fabrics" explains Federico Pieri.

Contemporary design furniture and classic pieces by Gio Ponti

Amabilia Milano consists of a living area and a shared kitchen and four double suites, one different from the other, equipped with walk-in closet and en-suite bathroom. Federico Peri's project has kept the charm of the original architectural project intact, giving the rooms refined finishes and details, as well as contemporary touches, including works of art and design furniture, ' some made to measure, others from famous design companies.

The D.153.1 and D.151.4 armchairs by Gio Ponti stand out, re-edited by Molteni&C which also supplied the Pass-Word sideboard by Dante Bonuccelli and the Panna Cotta coffee tables by Ron Gilad, Vicino by Foster + Partners and When by Rodolfo Dordoni.

Quotes and particularities of each of the four suites

A tribute to the most famous Milanese fashion street from its name, the Montenapoleone suite offers a spectacular view of the Duomo and is distinguished above all by the choice of fabrics.

The La Scala suite is a tribute to the historic Milanese theater. Dark colors, burgundy velvets and scenographic lighting combine to evoke the atmosphere of the foyer when the lights are dimmed, you enter the hall, the show begins and you admire the protagonist on the stage: the Duomo.

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A tribute to the Triennale, the most important institution dedicated to design, of which Milan is the undisputed world capital, the room is configured as an open space with light tones interrupted by unexpected color accents.

The atmosphere of the Aperitivo suite is inspired by the historic Milanese bars, characterized by warm colors and a welcoming but always sophisticated environment. The sight? Always breathtaking, always on the Duomo.

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The Amabilia format starts in Milan, continues in Venice but does not stop

Project conceived by Chiara Morgante for an elegant and cultured hospitality , Amabilia restores the atmosphere of an exclusive home in the heart of the Italian capitals of art and fashion: fascinating residences that become chosen places in which to live an authentic experience, including custom-made furnishings, design pieces and elements of historical value, surrounded by the warmth of an all-Italian welcome and with the privilege of enjoying breathtaking views. The accommodation part of Amabilia Suites Milano will be managed by Brera Apartments managed by HotelSolutions.