In Amsterdam, art and design with a captivating image and fluid, continuous lines that bring dynamism to an apartment that is both spartan and playful, in immaculate white spaces to set off the bright colors of the artworks

With four offices in Europa, Asia, Africa and Australia employing over 300 professionals from all over the world, and with worksites in progress on various continents, today UNStudio is one of the international leaders on various scales (urban planning, architecture, interiors, design) and a hotbed of creativity without disciplinary boundaries. The overall conceptual approach, from urban infrastructure to small details, responds to the goal of creating a product of seductive forms, but always subordinated to ethical responsibility in relation to environmental sustainability (as confirmed by the recent creation of UNSense, a division of the studio for consulting in this field) and a painstaking focus on the specific needs of clients.

Interior design as art

Loft 2, the project for the interiors of a newly built apartment in Amsterdam, sets out to blend design and contemporary art, transforming the residence into an elegant ‘white box’ for the collection its owner.

Minimalist approach

The overall space of 130 sqm is organized on two levels connected by a circular staircase with a light structure, and by an elevator: the upper level is for the living area and kitchen, while the lower contains two bedrooms, closet space and bathrooms. To maximize usage potential and a sense of airy spatial openness, the compositional language adopts a minimal approach that expands perception and conveys a light, ascetic aura that is not lacking in forceful gestures: the immaculate palette of the walls, furnishings and coverings, and the soft, pale hues of the pine flooring, establish a dialogue with the accents of dark wood and the bright brushstrokes of works of art and furniture, such as the chairs in the dining room in intense red, or the multicolored ‘seating stones’ created by UNStudio and produced by Walter Knoll.

Attention to detail

All the fixed elements of the apartment – from the kitchen cabinets to the dividers with rounded corners that contain the services, to the shelving in niches that grant a three-dimensional shape to the walls – have been designed, made to measure and installed at the site, with meticulous attention to detail: a captivating design of fluid, dynamic lines with a vaguely ‘aerospace’ image, generating uniformity and continuity from room to room.

And then the light

The project calls for lighting built into the furnishings: winding luminous strips set into the facings, shelves and furniture, and placed at the intersections between surfaces, create an effect of suspension and depth, contributing – together with the neutral hues of the finishes – to accentuate the widespread luminosity of the flat.

Cocoon dimension

An intimate, radiant ‘nest’ that glows with its own brightness, highlighted by bright colors to express an unusual, precious vivacity, of exceptional appeal under the somber skies of the north.

Project by UNStudio - Photo by Valentina Zanobelli