How to choose the perfect armchair for fully comfortable cultural evenings. But also advice for the right lighting, so that reading is pure pleasure

Given that those who love reading tend to develop an enviable ability to read in any place, managing to immerse themselves in the pages of a book (or source for an ebook) and maintain concentration even on the bus packed with people.

However, let's face it, not the bellow of Enjoying the pleasure of reading on a beautiful day, curling up in a comfortable armchair, with the soft lighting and the feeling of being in a bubble of quiet, away from everything and everyone.

In order for this ideal scenario to become reality, it is essential to invest in an excellent reading armchair. Here comes to show the book lover-sized seat, ergonomic, super comfortable and aesthetically impeccable.

Under the sign of comfort

Keyword: welcoming. «The reading armchair is by definition comfortable, especially considering that this activity could involve you for hours and hours, making you lose sense of time. It is therefore essential that the seat has an ergonomic design", underlines the interior architect Alice Truant.

«The advice to make the purchase a success is, in reality, only one: go to the showroom, try to sit in the armchair you like best and evaluate how comfortable you are in the various positions you could assume while reading.

The fundamental parameters are based on the padding, which arises from the morbid and sustained contemporaneity, and on the age of the backrest, capable of offering the right support to the back, shoulders and neck, avoiding the risk of incorrect posture (and related neck pain).

If you wear a bed in the evening, you can use the entire combination of poles and footrest pouf: the definitive accessory design will greatly increase the relaxation factor, also resulting in its use to place any cups and glasses.

Alternatively, you can consider the possibility of having a reclining pole with integrated footrest, so that the viola can be played to your liking and, above all, to the home environment in the quality insert the reading armchair.

From the mid-century style to the Scandinavian style, what matters is that looking at your armchair puts you in a good mood. And you will know that the good old wicker rocking chair is back in fashion, much loved by Millennial consumers."

Soft light, but not too much

For the evening reading experience to be pleasant, the lighting matters as much as the armchair. Underestimating the set of lights is in fact equivalent to straining your eyes unnecessarily, giving yourself at least a headache. As architect Truant recalls, «thinking about the hours of darkness, the ideal light for reading should be as close as possible to natural light, therefore being white and warm.

A second time to position your armchair, take care to place a floor lamp, a table lamp next to it (if there is a shelf or desk next to the seat) or a wall lamp.

The content is the same as the contralto light, and then it is illuminated with a fascinating light on the book page. «Then, of course, you can recreate the perfect intimate and relaxing mood by adding candles and lanterns as you wish». Don't go back to your phone offline and read your book - you add more stress!