In the presence of the majesty of the Dolomites, the Montchalet resort in Ortisei has elegant and vibrant wellness areas covered with natural Antolini stones

Immersed in the splendid South Tyrolean alpine landscape, the resort Montchalet of Ortisei, in Val Gardena, looks like an elegant and welcoming mountain chalet. The refined suites, the common areas and the 'wellness area are heated by a warm and intimate atmosphere that intertwines natural materials, workmanship craftsmanship and contemporary comfort, all 'sign of quality, well-being and harmony of the senses.

Antolini natural stones

With strongly evocative names and distinctive aesthetics, Patagonia and Sequoia Brown are the natural stones by Antolini belonging to the Exclusive Collection used for the interior design project of the resort. If Patagonia gives a marked personality to the wellness area, Sequoia Brown was chosen for the wall cladding of the bathrooms of the suites, combined with Sequoia Brown flooring from the Woodstone Collection which presents the solidity of marble in a singular arrangement of planks.

A resort that reflects the magnificence of the Dolomite landscape

"Montchalet was born in 2017 from the passion for hospitality that I share with my family" explains Marco Pezzutto, owner of the hotel. "We immediately decided to satisfy the requests of a demanding and selected public that in Val Gardena could not find a structure capable of identifying itself with the magnificence of the Ortisei landscape and with the excellent opportunities offered by the area".

The 5-star resort aims to make its guests live special, immersive and engaging experiences, in refined environments that infuse harmony and generate well-being.

The choice of stone materials in the interior design project

"Interior design is a fundamental aspect of Montchalet's proposal" continues the owner of the resort. "The project was developed through a single thread, in balance between tradition and contemporaneity. Materials, colors, furnishings and finishes have been selected with extreme care to evoke the tension towards excellence that has guided us from the very beginning. The choice of enhancing some areas of the resort with unique and exclusive natural stones also follows this direction. To discover the wonderful world of stone materials, we decided to rely on the expertise and experience of Antolini, a leading company in the sector worldwide, whose management guided us in exciting search for the most suitable solutions to convey the sensations we wanted our guests to experience".

Ignite the senses in aquatic environments

The environments devoted to well-being through water, such as the swimming pool of the wellness spa and the bathrooms inside the suites, are characterized by the presence of coatings in natural stone of surprising beauty, able to ignite the senses of sight and touch and to connect each guest with his interiority and at the same time with the surrounding nature.

A natural setting stands out in the wellness area

"In the wellness area, the Antolini coating in Patagonia transforms the pool wall into a fantastic natural setting" explains Marco Pezzutto. "White, slightly shaded backgrounds stand out against a background that is sometimes translucent, veiled by fickle shades of earth tones, alternating with complex black and gold ramifications".

The dialogue - iridescent and dreamlike - with the external

The precious material texture of the material, made even more scenographic by the backlighting, is reflected both on the surface of the water, giving rise to a game of iridescent reflections, and on the large window that separates the pool from the patio of the hotel, projecting outside the ' dreamlike atmosphere of this space dedicated to the well-being of body and spirit.

The vibrant elegance of the Alpine-style bathrooms in the suites

Sequoia Brown is the Antolini stone protagonist of the bathrooms of the suites. A wise choice, in line with the architectural language of the resort which reinterprets the typical style of Alpine buildings in a contemporary key. The discreet and welcoming image of private spaces, characterized by the prevalent use of wood, acquires value and materiality with the presence of a vibrantly elegant stone, marked by soft veins that recall the idea of ancient essences.

The robustness of marble laid like a (warm) parquet

"In this case, the flooring features Sequoia Brown Antolini in a very particular version" explains the owner of the resort. "In fact, marble has the typical geometries of a parquet, offering the idea of beautiful planks arranged horizontally or diagonally. While thus guaranteeing an extraordinary sturdiness, the floor returns the perception of warmth generally associated with wood , as well as a dynamism wisely amplified by the shower windows that reflect the wonderful designs of natural stone".

"On the wall, on the other hand, the marble now rises to the height of the mirror, now even higher, once again proposing the play of reflections and overlaps that accompanies the guest in all his experiences in contact with water" concludes Marco Pezzutto.