The aesthetic, functional – and passionate – needs of a couple made up of a painter and a music producer find space in an eclectic apartment renovated by architect Agi Kuczyńska of TAKK Studio in Berlin

Located in Charlottenburg, 'noble' district of Berlin, a fine apartment ' 800 has been transformed into a lively yet classic home, tailor-made for a couple of creatives and collectors.

Although only the parquet floors and stuccoes in the bedroom remain of the original interior, the ' architect Agi Kuczyńska by TAKK Studio managed to recreate the atmosphere of a typical and spacious Altbau Berliner, which combines austere bourgeois beauty, comfortable but measured, with a postmodern eclecticism.

Cult pieces of Italian and French design are mixed with contemporary furniture. The result? A discreet charm animated by contemporary art and music , that of electric guitars and vinyls.

A couple with a high level of creativity (and collections)

The owners of the apartment housed in a building from 1893 are Koreans, but they have lived in Berlin for years: they have chosen the German city for their rich and stimulating artistic and musical proposal. The wife, in fact, is a painter, as well as a passionate contemporary art, while the husband, music producer, collects electric guitars and vinyl. Among the couple's primary requests regarding the renovation of the house, their respective collections, rather extensive, which required adequate space.

The tailor-made renovation project

The renovation and interior design of the apartment covering 280 m2 was handled by Agi Kuczyńska, Polish architect and interior designer who has lived in Berlin for five years. The need to restore the original style of the house, canceled by previous interventions, was added to the needs related to the passions of the clients.

Andy Warhol, Marilyn Monroe and Bellinis Chameleon

The heart of the big house is the large, sunny and vitamin living room, open to the kitchen, in turn connected to the dining and music rooms. Dominating is the iconic series of Andy Warhol serigraphs depicting Marilyn Monroe. The (multi) bright colors of the ' work of the pop art master interact with the minimal lines of the Camaleonda sofa by B&B Italia designed by Mario Bellini and the Bell tables by ClassiCon.

Eclectic, cinematic and trendy interiors

The eclectic style of the interiors is emphasized by the vintage white Murano glass chandelier that gives the living room a frivolous and eccentric character, in line with the ' artistic soul of the owner. In the living area that leads to the kitchen with minimal lines created by SieMatic, the designer has created a bespoke bookcase that houses and exhibits album of contemporary art and a collection of films by author.

The owner's kingdom is the wardrobe which represented a design challenge for Agi Kuczyńska: it was in fact designed for the exact number of dresses, shoes and bags by the painter, passionate about art, yes, but also about fashion. The Poliedri chandelier designed by Carlo Scarpa for Venini dominates the center of what looks like a museum setting.

Music and invitation to contemplation

In the music room, discreet custom-made cabinets conceal several thousand vinyl records, while a recessed structure under the window houses high-quality speakers. Everything in this home invites contemplation: from the comfortable chairs of the Capitol Complex collection by Cassina designed by Pierre Jeanneret to the openwork chandelier Screen XXL up to the works of ' art.

The private bathroom

Directly from the wardrobe you enter the large and bright private bathroom, also completely redesigned, furnished with a bathtub with soft lines and custom-made furniture and decorated with Marazzi tiles.

The bedroom

Although the owner is a painter, her works are only visible in the bedroom, set up on a Tuffy Time double bed designed by Patricia Urquiola for B&B Italia, a made-to-measure wardrobe and made-to-measure travertine tables. Two other rooms are still in the planning stage.

The guest bathroom

Finally Agi Kuczyńska has revived the guest bathroom with yellow washbasins and Cielo sanitary ware. Decorating the more intimate setting, a lamp covered with Gucci wallpaper designed ad hoc.