A boutique hotel where the whole experiential universe of Areadocks - a multifunctional hub of 5000 square meters - is accessible and for sale. Haute Comfort yes, but informal: here the guest is called by name

Reference hub since 2004 for Brescia but not only, Areadocks amplifies its already rich and multifaceted offer.

In view of Brescia Italian Capital of Culture 2023, in tandem with Bergamo, in a strategic point for tourism and entertainment, inaugurates Areadocks Boutique Hotel: 13 rooms with a strong visual impact and a high level of comfort, where everything is for sale. The novelty is the hospitality offered, intended primarily as experience. Yes, because the guest of the boutique hotel has access to the whole universe of Areadocks.

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Located in a former railway warehouse redeveloped, Areadocks is a multifunctional container in constant transformation and expansion, of ideas and proposals, which occupies an entire block. It is configured as an industrial-style loft divided into separate environments, each with its own sales or entertainment sector, but it is the synergy between the spaces and services offered by the structure backbone of the project.

It hosts live music, events, restaurants, DJ sets and consulting studios, but also concept stores, pop-ups and exclusive showcases, but in the Areadocks way, or the best without formalisms”. Like the brand new Porsche center, where customers are welcomed by sellers in sneakers and t-shirts.

The new Areadocks Boutique Hotel has 13 rooms set up with designer furnishings, vintage pieces, works of contemporary street art, in eclectic harmony with the original architecture of the building dating back to the early 1900s.

The boutique hotel offers all the services of Areadocks. A real internal itinerary that guests can follow by taking advantage of the many activities: spa, four restaurants, six cocktail bars, patisserie, ice cream parlor, meeting room, clothing and accessories shop for men and women, furniture space, accessories and objects, architecture and entertainment.

Yes, because if you like the Areadocks style (and like it a lot), you can buy individual design pieces, both those that set up the hotel rooms where there are various works of art (also for sale), and those exhibited in the showroom. configured as a house, but you can also take advantage of the consultancy of the internal studio that develops ad hoc interior projects.

A mix of exclusive offers within a single space with a refined but informal style. Yes, because the mission is "to put the guest at ease, to whom you can give yourself".

Areadocks is a brand that has made the continuous renewal of space and exhibitions its distinctive feature. And its strengths. Attention to constant change as demonstrated by the new genderfluid bathroom, one of the first in Italy. Research, style and selection are key words, enhanced by thirty years of know-how.

Contamination is the means of creating connections between ideas and people. A philosophy of communicating vessels that finds its natural evolution in the opening of Areadocks Boutique Hotel, in a game of joints that acts as an amplifier of experiences, an incubator of energy, a stage for emotions.

In an evocative game of Chinese boxes in which design speaks with fashion, art and food, Areadocks Boutique Hotel is the new frontier of Haute Comfort hospitality.

The hotel rethinks the rules of Premium hospitality, opening up to a variety of shopping, entertainment and relaxation opportunities. So here are emotional showers, performing mattresses that guarantee optimal sleep, a sophisticated radiant air conditioning system that gives a 'high mountain' effect well-being, a spa and a wellness center on the rooftop signed Starpool. Lowest common denominator: care - sought after passionate of every detail.

Exclusive rooms, Superior and Suites, each with its own style with a well-defined character, never conventional, are available to customers. Hospitality thus becomes tailor made, in the image and likeness of the guest's needs, always consistent with Areadocks' philosophy.

The design of the rooms plays on contrasts, the spirit is dichotomous, both dandy and bohemian. Recommended dresscode? Tuxedo and bare feet or jeans to wear on a red carpet. Comfort yes, but without superstructures.

Furniture by renowned brands ( Porro, Flos, Artemide, Redaelli just to name a few) are mixed vintage pieces from all over the world, fruit of 30 years of research work. The effect is that of the Wunderkammer , the 'Chamber of wonders'. And if we like something at Areadocks Boutique Hotel, if we feel it is ours, we can buy it. Here everything is for sale.

Areadocks Boutique Hotel thus becomes the temporary ecosystem of businessmen in t-shirts and sneakers, young couples, friends who are passionate about design and art, socialites, curious about the world and life. An informal world, where the guest is called by name: at his disposal bikes, e-bikes, electric scooters, umbrellas and tailor-made services of personal shopping and interior design.

But also four restaurants, ranging from gourmet Italian to Mediterranean cuisine with international influences, from steakhouse to temporary restaurant, six cocktail bars and then again a foodies-proof ice cream and pastry shop, for a never stop offer from breakfast to after dinner, 24/7.