Keyword: softness. From plaids folded on the sofa to cushions, from curtains to carpets, here's how to increase the cocoon factor with the trendiest textile elements this cold season

The desire to wrap yourself in a blanket, curl up on the sofa and enjoy an evening of doing nothing, between music, TV series and reading, is a desire that many people have in common at the arrival of the first autumn cold.

Why ever go out, we ask ourselves, when we can be embraced by the wonderful domestic warmth?

To increase this sense of intimate warmth and, at the same time, give a decorative touch in the name of softness to your home, it is highly recommended to introduce the trendiest textiles into the scenography this autumn . Which ones are they? We asked the expert.

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Furnishing your home with fabrics: starting from the color palette

How can we (and should!) soften and warm the interior with the complicity of fabrics in autumn?

In the experience of interior architect Alice Truant, "we start from the color palette. To select the most suitable textiles for this season, the foliage inspiration remains unbeatable.

Well, then, curtains, carpets, sofa covers and bedspreads in warm colors.

They range from shades of brick to orange, up to the most intense yellows, ocher, mustard, without forgetting scarlet red, for those who are not afraid of the intensity of these nuances.

Remember that fabrics with warm tones go perfectly with the duller shades of olive green, clay and sand.

Maintaining total coherence with the natural theme of inspiration and creating an enveloping and refined chromatic symphony. As well as not trivial at all.

For autumn textiles, the cocoon like palette of beiges is always a winner: in this case the rendering will be more Nordic, as well as very refined and relaxing to the eye".

Wool, velvet and cashmere, but without exaggerating

"Autumn fabrics tend to have a heavier consistency compared to traditional cotton and linen, great protagonists of spring-summer", comments Truant.

"With the first cold weather, give the green light to wool in its various processes, to flannel and velvet.

A cashmere blanket for the bedroom or living room represents a very successful investment, because the softness of this yarn is absolute, without forgetting its sophisticated appearance.

Always thinking of plaids, but also of sofa cushion covers, yes to tartan patterns and geometric designs, for a cocoon effect that immediately makes itself at home in Scotland.

A home furnished in a classic style gains an ethnic-chic touch if you introduce embroidered bedspreads with an oriental flavor and colorful handcrafted rugs. Just keep at bay the exaggerated combinations of bold colors and patterns upon patterns.

A pouf covered in burgundy velvet or suede will look best next to powder pink and coral elements.

Another mistake to avoid: fabrics, no matter how beautiful, should never be too many.

Don't exaggerate with the number of pillows and blankets on the bed, and the same goes for the sofa. The rule of less is more remains. Even curtains should be moderated in apartments with not excessively high ceilings, otherwise they risk becoming excessively heavy and theatrical."