A house with clean and essential lines, sustainable and low energy impact welcomes the nature that breathes around it inside

In the vicinity of Vienna, Baden is the city of music where Beethoven lived. Here, among ancient trees and meadows, stands a solid wood dwelling with open if formally small spaces. Built by Holzius, with executive support from Holzbau Sixt, and designed by architect Christoph Kaspar, the architecture mixes the desire for modernity with the need to build in a sustainable, natural, glue-free material and the desire to integrate nature into domestic life. The undisputed protagonist is wood, which, with its materiality, is not just a simple building material, but becomes a design tool and object, an expression of an authentic lifestyle.

In comfort

"Detailed planning and careful preparatory work made it possible to create an extraordinary living space that integrates nature into it, allowing guests to enjoy it," explains Herbert Niederfriniger, managing director of Holzius.

Indoor nature

Spread over two levels occupying a total area of about 180 square meters, the building is characterized by the inclusion of the garden with its open spaces in the living concept. The outdoor terrace, of about 100 sq. m., is oriented toward the greenery on the side away from the street and provides privacy as well as ample views of the surrounding greenery thanks to generous glass and window areas that ensure the entry of natural light. The heart of the house and family life is the open space area for moments of conviviality or related to the ritual of food, expanded by a work area and library on the upper floor.

Wood, wood, wood...

Protagonist, with characteristic scent and sensory texture, solid wood is featured inside the dwelling with about 300 square meters of wall elements and over 210 square meters of solid wood ceiling elements. Externally, the entire facade has been insulated with softwood fiber and wood wool, plastered and clad with pre-grated and back-ventilated larch wood. The construction principle behind all Holzius signature wooden houses is the dovetail-edged wooden dowel that functions as a connector ensuring stability of form to the wall and ceiling elements, without glues and metal parts.

Clean energy

Energy-wise, a photovoltaic system on the flat roof of the solid wood building covers the entire energy needs of the house. With a total power output of 3.5 kWp, refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine and other household appliances can be operated independently. In the central living room area, the presence of an underfloor heating system and a stove ensure the right environmental comfort.

Savings in consumption

The building's energy certificate specifies a thermal transmittance (U) coefficient of 0.27 W/sqm for the entire reference area of 172 sq mK, while the thermal transmittance coefficient related to the solid wood elements is around 0.12 guaranteeing excellent thermal insulation and significant benefits in terms of energy consumption and CO2 emissions, so much so that the building is in energy class A+.