Housed in a late 19th century building in Trani, the historic multibrand of fashion and luxury retail Nugnes 1920 expresses its wealth of skills and memories – sartorial and territorial – in an experimental and international vision

In the rarefied white, ignited by a clear and crystalline light and emphasized by the deep blue of the sea, of Trani, has inaugurated the new store Nugnes 1920, family business in the fashion industry, now managed by Giuseppe Nugnes, exponent of the third generation.

The new multibrand boutique, Palazzo Pugliese , is housed in a end of the 19th century building, in the center of city ​​ that reflects all the shades of light and the reflections of the sea in the dazzling white of the local stone which, porous and shiny at the same time, changes hue with the flow of hours, between spaces with clear, wide and airy geometries, outlined by the imposing Apulian Romanesque architecture of the Cathedral and punctuated by a maze of alleys and offshoots on the port, on the immense Piazza del Duomo and on the Medieval Swabian Castle.

Following a progressive acquisition of the spaces, followed by a careful renovation by Studio Dini Cataldi, the prestigious frescoed building now becomes the home in which the distinctive vision of the multi-brand is reflected.

The new store, extending over 1,000 square meters spread over two levels, combines the three 'satellites' of Nugnes 1920 – classic sartorial man, contemporary man and women's fashion – in one large home, which, like in the past, the family tailor shop, stands as a meeting point for the city.

With an incredible wealth of skills, manufacturing knowledge and memories spanning a century of history, Nugnes today inaugurates a new concept of retail experience, which based on the principles of omnichannel, relaunches with conviction the pleasure of the experience – immersive and welcoming – of the physical store.

Strongly rooted in its birthplace, Puglia, the story of Nugnes is the evolution of a business idea that born in tailoring to evolve over the decades into an international reference point in the world of fashion and luxury retail, preserving  rigorously  the mission that has always been primary: to create a special relationship with each customer , tailor a suit tailored to unique measures and personalities, weave relationships of trust.

Nugnes was born at the dawn of '20 like a tailoring for men in the heart of Trani and now, in its third generation, it stands out today for an eclectic spirit, with which it plays its role as ambassador of 250 international brands in a curatorial perspective , which feeds on the true and at the same time sophisticated inspirations of its land.

The place of choice for Nugnes's ambitious project is Palazzo Pugliese, the archetype of the southern dwellings of the end ' 800, which expresses the spirit of a Vibrant and eclectic pugliesità .

Like a fortress that stands as a bulwark of a centuries-old tradition , today it becomes the welcoming and refined home in which Nugnes' vision is reflected: it does not just offer a constellation of carefully selected products, but it becomes a meeting place for both the community that has been created around the brand and for the ' entire city of Trani.

From large entrance hall to entrance of the building two symmetrical spaces open up. On the right, the area bespoke is conceived as the reinterpretation of a gentlemen's club marked by a perspective game of panels with finishes warm materials such as burnished brass; on the left, an area with a light and minimal atmosphere, dynamic and cosmopolitan, is aimed at contemporary globetrotters.

The two spaces live in symbiosis through a game of mirrors that allows them to reflect each other, as a metaphor for contaminations continuos that blur the boundaries between styles in a more organic concept.

The beaten concrete floor with an irregular texture that refers to the traditional Apulian mills matches the walls covered with white luminous panels that create a pixelated pattern, referring to the essential relevance of the digital world. Underlining the eclecticism of the proposals, cult furnishings of Italian design by Osvaldo Borsani and Cassina, combined with vintage pieces from a Berlin club.

A staircase, on which a large chandelier composed of steel spheres from the 1960s is suspended, leads to the upper floor dedicated to the world of women.

Along the entire floor, between two terraces dotted with lush Mediterranean green, a sequence of enveloping and intimate lounges unfolds, set up with bouclé seats and vintage sofas, steel and copper structures and counters embellished with woven wicker tops and pieces designed to hoc.

The decorative opulence of the original frescoes is softened by the wall coverings in backlit sartorial fabric , with different textures for each sitting area, to create an evocative play of transparencies. Soft rugs and carpets help to permeate the spaces with a hushed, private and hospitable atmosphere.

To represent the most cultured experimentation linked to the celebration of origins, the 'evocative setting conceived by Giuseppe Nugnes with a team of creatives on the occasion of the inauguration on 14 September 2021.

All the products on display in the store were packed in a white cotton cloth closed with string , in memory of Giuseppe's first steps Nugnes in the family business, when he was still a boy, he took care of preparing the packs of fabrics to be preserved. In addition, a series of archive groom shirts dating back to the '50 and '60 years are overprinted with images that portray the Nugnes family, for a great visual and emotional impact.

Giuseppe Nugnes thus reconnects the threads of a discourse started 100 years ago. A tale interwoven with slow, careful and repeated gestures, to sew a tailored suit and to build personal relationships. A store that, like a private club, becomes a privileged but inclusive meeting point in the city, just like the tailor's shop once was.

That of the new space in Nugnes 1920 is a prestigious opening for the territory, a sign of restart significant for retail physical and local but also digital and global. A dwelling that wants to open up to the city of Trani as an eclectic and welcoming place; a space rooted in a virtuous  family history that emphasizes individuality and manufacturing wisdom.