The Vudafieri-Saverino Partners architecture studio has worked on the entire renovation of a villa in Versilia, accentuating the complicity between the earthy color palette and natural materials

Same story, same place, same bar”. It is the usual enjoyable routine of those who rent or buy a house in Versilia: every year, season after season, we meet under the tent of the 'baths' of the heart to tell each other how winter went. The faces are always the same, the anecdotes are renewed and the summer addresses to meet after a day at the beach are repeated, year after year.

The opening of the season is marked by a series of inevitable habits, which include, above all, the traditional Wednesday market tour of Forte dei Marmi, with the aim of finding some new fabric, sponge or handcrafted ceramic, to freshen the air in the house. But there are also those who give themselves to a real renovation, to make the house in Versilia a home tailored to their own style and needs.

An example of this is the recent project completed by the Milanese studio Vudafieri-Saverino Partners, which worked on the renovation part of a villa in Versilia of 265 m2 , which tells of a second home redesigned in the name of calm and slowness.

Light without borders

The central object of the renovation is the relationship between the interior and exterior (characterized by a 55m2 garden) of the villa: an aspect on which the architects have worked since the beginning of the project, and which they have strategically accentuated through the enhancement of the natural light which, today, filters into the house thanks to the large full-height windows, a blurred boundary between indoors and outdoors.

The desire was precisely to create a synergy between these two areas of the house, which during the summer now appear as a whole, bringing with them the sensation that the spaces become deeper.

Honey tones, rattan and bleached oak

In addition to natural light, the materials - few, but evocative - played a central role, chosen to give the rooms a flavor of tranquility typical of the slow life of Versilia. Wood, stone, and glass used for the larger surfaces of the interiors, dialogue with the woven rattan of the ceilings on the ground floor also replicated outdoors with the textiles in the bedrooms; the parquet floors in bleached oak cover the whole house and those in white terracotta characterize the covered deck, while the terrazzo has been taken up in different colors in each bathroom, where the walls have all been enhanced by marmorino finish developed by the artist Filippo Falaguasta.

The color palette is also in tune, which revolves around a range of earthy hues, ranging from honey to caramel, from light brown to beige. In an explicit declaration of Mediterranean hospitality, with the taste of salt. And earth.

The new plant

The renovation intervention for the villa in Versilia was not limited to a superficial restyling, but also involved the reorganization of the spaces.

It is interesting how the original fireplace dating back to the first version of the 1950s house, once in the center of the living room of the house, has been brought outside and covered in black terracotta tiles, in contrast with the white terracotta of the deck floor.

On the ground floor, the bright living room is completed by the dining area communicating with the custom-designed kitchen island: the two areas are separated by a sliding glass door which incorporates the tone of black used for the terracotta flooring of the kitchen and for the seats.

The intervention by Vudafieri-Saverino Partners can also be recognized in the attention to detail and in the play of visual perspectives.

Through a system of corner boiserie in reeded elm wood, which gives the walls a dynamic rhythm and which is used as a pantry in the dining area, the living room leads to the sleeping area where the master bedroom, also opening onto the greenery of the garden.

For the sleeping area, the modular structure of the spaces is organized into a double bedroom and a wardrobe with walk-in closet in elm wood with rattan panels that recall the ceilings of the living room, and a study area with a bookcase, where rattan is still used in elements such as the desk, the vintage coat hangers and in the headboard of the bed that occupies the rest area.

The base of the bed and its headboard wall are enhanced by the beige marmorino finish developed by the artist Filippo Falaguasta, as is the bathroom area, with a custom-made sink and a large shower : characteristics of essentiality and relaxation that recall the typical style of southern houses.

On the mezzanine floor of the house there is a bedroom with bathroom and balcony, while on the first floor there are two other rooms, one of which with a bunk bed, each with a private bathroom and facing the outside.

The stylistic language is common in each room, only the colors of the service areas and the striped fabrics of the wardrobe panels that recall those of the deck chairs change, to underline the holiday atmosphere.