In the Treviso area, the ZAA Zanon Architetti Associati studio has designed a house with clear-cut shapes totally in exposed concrete that encloses a single-material and monochromatic volume

A rational volume, mono-material and monochromatic yet vibrant, in which the exposed concrete structure is ' declared' both externally and internally: this is the l essence of the design concept of Casa T.

Located in the province of Treviso , the house is spread over one floor for a total area of 287 sqm, with a low height to integrate coherently within the rural context .

The subdivision of the interior spaces

The alternation of solids and voids, given by the large windows overlooking the private garden, marks the subdivision of the interiors. The rhythm of the facades, in fact, dictates the distribution of spaces and functions: the private rooms of the sleeping area are more intimate than the living area, characterized by large mirrors and open to the outside through an essential metal structure.

A circular skylight

Having crossed the main entrance, made with an all-glass door to better blend in with the envelope, a circular skylight illuminates the vertical and horizontal axes of the corridor in a zenith way, which diametrically divides the living area from the sleeping area leading to the different rooms of the house.

The dry monumentality of concrete

The essential construction system enhances the dry monumentality of the concrete used for the architectural envelope , while the multiple references to natural elements make it more welcoming space. In fact, on the one hand the concrete walls were made with a wooden texture thanks to the use of slatted formwork, and on the other hand cementitious flooring capable of reflect the colors and shapes of the garden inside the house, thanks to the large glass openings.

The horizontal surfaces

The concrete floor dictates the configuration of the rooms, establishing a material and spatial dialogue between shared and private areas. Made in Deco Nuvolato by Isoplam, from 'continuous shaded effect, the horizontal surfaces support the formal cleanliness of the whole and the compositional organization of the villa.

Chosen in the Light Gray shade, they represent the perfect synthesis of strength and lightness: if from an aesthetic point of view they are characterized by the delicate play of color that from a lighter background turn towards darker nuances, from a performance point of view the components in cement, quartz and pigments resistant to light and UV rays restore all the identity character of the concrete.