Playing with geometric shapes that become ‘function containers’ lit by bright colors, the Miro architects studio has marked the spaces of an apartment, framing unexpected points of view

The renovation - fresh, polychrome and dynamics - of an apartment designed by Miro architetti to host a young family.

Casa Tre Prismi is born, a scalar project. A game of boxes that, like space matryoshkas, delimit environments and identify functions in a progression of intimacy, while framing unexpected points of view, from the outside as well as from the inside.

The new configuration of spaces

The traditional apartment system, consisting of rooms connected in sequence, has been completely redesigned. The demolition of the partition walls in the central room has enlarged the space to create three large rooms : two with a single view, therefore impossible to divide further.

Three containing prisms

The new design solution involved the creation of three containing prisms which preserved the environments from the massive presence of furniture. The clear shape and the geometric openings of the volumes, the anthracite finish of the exterior combined with the interiors with vibrant colors fit in a fun way into the original structure of which they have been preserved the molded ceilings.

The peacock green prism

In the central room the prism with a peacock green interior identifies the kitchen, the entrance wardrobe and the laundry area, visually separating them from the adjacent living room.

The pink

In the children's room, the black volume with pink interior houses the sleeping area, the walk-in closet and the mezzanine. The play area is accessed via a circular passage which itself becomes a playful element.

Navy blue

In the young couple's bedroom, the prism of an intense navy blue embraces the bedroom area, the wardrobe and the private bathroom.

Three autonomous volumes

The presence of the three independent volumes with respect to the rooms generates the perception of a living area that spreads throughout the apartment. An open but secluded, joyful and playful home.