Designed by Studiotamat, Cromatica is a bright apartment on the top floor of a 1930s building overlooking Villa Ada in the Parioli district, transformed into a convivial space with a large garden terrace

Chromatic, luminous and luxuriant alchemies in Rome, where Studiotamat has transformed a 160 sqm apartment, located on the top floor of a 1930s building overlooking Villa Ada, in the exclusive Parioli district, into a large convivial space, flooded with natural light and open on the outside thanks to a large garden terrace of 100 m2.

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The original state of the attic

The apartment developed in a C-shape with the longitudinal front in direct contact with the outdoor space, originally had a split layout, with various small rooms distributed over a long corridor.

Flexible and convivial spaces

“In agreement with the owners, who wanted a house in which to live in every season, with open and flexible spaces to be enjoyed without interruption, we have demolished everything possible, rebuilding only the indispensable” says Matteo Soddu , co-founder with Tommaso Amato and Valentina Paiola of Studiotamat, a dynamic Roman reality.

The the visual permeability between interiors and exteriors

The design is guided by the visual permeability between ambiences, the direct relationship between interiors and exteriors, and the bold use of colour that has inspired the name Cromatica, with which the architects baptized the project.

Fluid environments reveal intimate and welcoming solutions

The result is a fluid environment, breathing life into a contemporary distribution scheme that leaves ample scope for original solutions to modulate the degree of privacy and amplify the possibilities of use of the different environments, from soft curtains to specially designed sliding panels.

An indoor gallery - greenhouse runs through the house

Una galleria ariosa, lunga circa 8 metri, comunica direttamente con l’esterno tramite due grandi porte finestre. È pensata come una serra indoor che ospita diverse specie di piante, grande passione della proprietaria.

A bright blue alcove

The guest bedroom is located inside a niche: a bright blue alcove hidden behind soft plum-colored curtains that match the color of the surrounding walls.

The sleeping area can be shaded

Near the entrance, the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom divided into several spaces, is characterized by neutral tones on the walls, and simple and linear furnishings, which instill serenity and promote relaxation. The sleeping area can be shaded thanks to two full-height sliding panels.

Living at the center of the home and of everyday life

At the end of the gallery, which functions as a proscenium, opens the large theatrical backdrop of the living room opens. Its bright red colour makes the entire space vibrate. The change of flooring identifies the different areas of the room: the parquet in walnut underlines the more convivial central band, dominated by the fireplace completely covered in zellige in the same shade as the wall. Just beyond is the dining area, while in the background, a large sliding window screens the kitchen. A door with porthole and saloon opening gives access to the service area and the secondary entrance.

A colourful Oasis

With Cromatica, Studiotamat delivers an elegant colourful renovation, where unusual and extremely functional solutions blend with bold colour choices, and an ever-attentive eye for the interaction between space and light. A colourful Oasis for a joyful break from the city.