Afro masks and objects recovered from various trips around the world meet the classic soul of a frescoed residence in liberty style in Milan, ready to be lived in by a young couple

In Milan, in an apartment located on the third floor of a historic building, the Studio SAG'80 has skilfully mixed the contemporary eclecticism of the young owner couple with the original liberty style characteristics of the house.

Keeping the classicism of the space alive, the SAG'80 team in collaboration with Dome Milano Studio has reinterpreted not only the interior design look but also the layout of the rooms: the house that develops on one level with an area of about 100m2 and has been completely redesigned, distorting its original layout with a long corridor to unite the different environments

The original Art Nouveau element that inspires a contemporary interpretation

In these spaces that boldly alternate bright colors and earthy tones, the scene is dominated by the original Art Nouveau fresco, discovered during the renovation and brought back to life thanks to the collaboration with Pictalab.

It was the guiding light that illuminated the entire project from the very first moment: the bright colors that characterize it lively – blue, orange, green – provided the two studios with the pretext for working with an intriguing and completely unexpected chromatic plan for a classic apartment.


Recurring in every room are the protagonist colors of the fresco, as can be seen from the pieces arranged in the living area: the Strip sofa designed by Cini Boeri for Arflex, in the orange, and the Bistrot armchairs by Vico Magistretti for DePadova are accompanied by the Mabel coffee table by Akomena for Dilmos and a delicious vintage carpet, a unique piece in shades of green.

Opposite, intense blue for the Modern suspended container by Porro which becomes a support for the red vase by Papuli and the La Rotonda light designed by Adrian Cruz, all Dilmos.

Then there are the Zero83 mirrored frames by Cassina and two ethnic sculptures, memories of an African trip by the owners, which clearly illustrate the contrast between signature design and eclectic pieces – as well as full of emotional meaning.

The home office in a niche

As increasingly requested, a area dedicated to smart working has also been thought of, which lends itself to all the functional and aesthetic needs that smartworking demands: a niche characterized by trompe l'oeil effect of the Ex Libris wallpaper by Cole&Sohn with Sufflì pouf by Dilmos, part of the 'Mobili all'Aria' collection by Bertozzi & Dal Monte Casoni, in hypergres ceramic with crystallized glazes.

The Scenic carpet hand-knotted with wool, banana silk and bamboo silk Cangaco by Estudio Campana, a limited edition available in just five pieces.

Towards the night

The sleeping area – which includes a master bedroom, a single bedroom and two bathrooms – is connected to the living room by an anteroom: again, the mix between ethnic and classic style emerges with the two wall works by Mutaforma.

The art nouveau style wallpaper Riviera by Cole&Son was chosen for the master bedroom, to honor the original soul of the apartment; while the custom bed by Sag'80 is combined with the Gong bedside tables by Meridiani and the wall lamps by b.lux.

The choice of furnishings in the single room is refined with the Compas Direction desk and the Fauteuil Direction armchair, pieces designed in the 1950s by Jean Prouvé for Vitra. Vintage character also for the recycled wall lamps and deco wallpaper.

Instead, for the two bathrooms two completely opposite paths were taken: the first is characterized by a large double shower, which underlines the vintage spirit with a Mipa tile covering and sink, sanitary fixtures and mirror with container by Ceramica Cielo. The second bathroom plays on the contrary with the optical effect of the total black cladding, also by Mipa marmi.