Immersed in an uncontaminated scenery rich in contrasts, between Mediterranean scrub and limestone rocks, white sand and turquoise water, the indoor and outdoor spaces of the new Conrad Chia Laguna Sardinia have been renovated by Studio Marco Piva

Located on the promontory of Chia, an ancestral and wild seaside resort of southern Sardinia, the new Conrad Chia Laguna Sardinia, within the Chia Laguna Resort, occupies an enviable position on the coast, nestled - and inebriated - in the Mediterranean scrub, between white sandy beaches and postcard crystalline waters, limestone rocks shaped by the wind, dunes lined with junipers and lagoons dotted with pink flamingos.

Managed by Italian Hospitality Collection and affiliated by this year to the prestigious brand Conrad Hotels & Resorts by Hilton making its debut in Italy, the new 5-star luxury hotel is characterized by a fresh and elegant contemporary design, with local references, textural and traditional, both natural and handcrafted, developed by Studio Marco Piva as part of an impressive renovation project that involved the three facilities of the resort, to accommodate demanding and refined travelers.

Fascinating contrasts and surprising landscapes

The bay of Chia, just 50 minutes from Cagliari is a micro-continent of surprising landscapes: behind the coast dominate the hills covered with holm oaks , cork and holly. The nights smell of the sea and aromatic herbs. The immersion in places full of fascinating contrasts: the seascape harmoniously coexists with the mountain forests and the Lower Sulcis Natural Park.

Marine, lake and primordial nature

Long beaches and dunes shaped by the wind, covered with centuries-old junipers and sea lilies, alternate with hidden coves that shine in a transparent sea like crystal. The water takes on a thousand amazing and alienating shades, from green to intense blue, while the flamingos settle in the small lagoons , coloring them pink.

If the sea with its colors and the lagoons with marsh birds emphasize the luxuriant and fragrant nature of the Sardinian territory, the archaeological sites refer to a thousand-year-old heritage, to a archaic past full of mystery and charm. The Torre di Chia dominates the bay from above and at the same time embraces it.

A large redevelopment project

The Conrad Chia Laguna Sardinia is the latest piece of a larger redevelopment project that involved the entire Chia Laguna Resort, carried out through the fund Star managed by Castello SGR, with an investment of 30 million euros over two years.

The restyling by Studio Piva

Studio Marco Piva took care of the restyling of the three structures that make up the resort: the 4-star Hotel Village, the 5-star Baia di Chia Resort Sardinia Curio Collection by Hilton, inaugurated last season, and the new 5-star luxury Conrad Chia Laguna Sardinia.

The Mediterranean style

The intervention has raised the quality of the Chia Laguna Resort complex from a functional point of view, creating a diversification of spaces in order to offer guests new experiences and services, but also formal , with a careful selection of furnishings, finishes and materials that communicate an idea of luxury and well-being linked to the Mediterranean style , all 'sign of authenticity and tradition, freshness and contact with the wildest nature.

Sardinian identity...

The concept for the C onrad Chia Laguna Sardinia conceived by Studio Marco Piva, which took care of the renewal of both the outdoor spaces that the interiors of the rooms and the common areas are inspired by the (famous) Sardinian wind and lightness. Thanks to its privileged position, exposed to the sea breeze and immersed in the untamed nature of the territory, the structure gives a special glimpse in which marine and mountain, lush and lagoon landscapes coexist.

... from international approach

What is perceived, inside and outside the structure, is a international approach to high-end hospitality that has roots in tradition, recalling and emphasizing it. A touch of Sardinian identity, which from April 2022 also boasts the qualities and services of the top-of-the-range brand of the Hilton Hotels chain & Resorts.

Typical materials

Among the typical materials, the wide use of marble Biancone di Orosei stands out, a limestone rock extracted and worked in Sardinia which stands out for its its nuanced colors, ranging from white to pink, passing through beige, due to the inclusions of fossils of shells, corals and other organisms.

Manufacturing knowledge

Among the textures, a recurring motif in the common areas is that of the walls in raw earth with the effect perforated to recall Sardinian textures and decorations. Other walls are embellished with integrated display cases or niches that house objects of local crafts .

In the rooms, to enhance the local manufacturing expertise, among dark wood essences, contrasting marbles, textured fabrics and natural stones, stand out artifacts made by local craftsmen such as knotted carpets.

The rooms and suites

The 107 rooms and suites of the new hotel reflect the contemporary and elegant design of international inspiration of the Conrad brand and the Italian hospitality of Italian Hospitality Collection, warm and welcoming.

High quality Italian furniture

The concept revolves around the choice of pieces, finishes and colors that refer to the authenticity of the territory, such as the high-quality Italian furnishings that give comfort and a Mediterranean style distinctive to the rooms.

Ancestral references

The new Shardana Presidential Suite with Sea View with its 108 square meters occupies the entire top floor of the hotel and overlooks the entire bay . Its name is a tribute to the ancient Nuragic population of the island. The warm colors of sand and clay, the precious natural materials of wood and stone give the rooms a relaxing and refined atmosphere.

The new Tholos Deluxe Suite with Sea View takes its name from the form a dome of the ancient nuraghi of the island.

The contrasts

In large fluid common spaces, the ' interior design plays on contrasts, such as the one between the terracotta floor and the essential pieces, furnishings, complements and accessories with pure but dynamic shapes, characterized by materials in light shades, such as the large and comfortable seats covered with textured fabrics, the lanterns, candles and local handicrafts.

La Terrazza restaurant

The pride of the structure, the restaurant La Terrazza stands out for its inspired details to the textures and patterns of Sardinian fabrics. The protagonist is the scenographic showcooking area, a transparent glass box covered with a material finish that enhances its shape and volume.

From the ceiling hang particular decorations that recall organic and soft shapes, such as algae and shells, to generate an unusual inverted seabed.

Space for well-being

The Conrad Spa is the space dedicated to wellbeing. If the fitness area is a gym with a panoramic view, the solarium on the roof of the spa, with cantilevered swimming pools overlooking the garden, private lounges set up with tree selections and outdoor furniture, cabanas and tents allows you to enjoy maximum relaxation.

Activities, authentic and adventurous

Sea and beach, relaxation, boat excursions and water sports , but not only. The resort offers various activities to experience the area in an authentic and adventurous way. From horseback riding to the Capo Spartivento lighthouse to jeep tours through coves unknown to most, from bike itineraries along the fascinating Roman roads to guided visits to the archaeological site of ancient city of Nora, one of the oldest in Sardinia. From yoga and meditation sessions to cooking lessons, specifically for the preparation of traditional pasta , malloreddus and culurgiones, without forgetting the myrtle tastings, accompanied, goes from itself, from the typical Sardinian sweets.