Country house in Val di Noto, Country House Villadorata is surrounded by an estate of 22 hectares cultivated organically. The entire recovery project, including the gastronomic proposal, protects the specificities of the Sicilian territory

Obtained from a millstone from the end of the 19th century in the countryside of Val di Noto , in Sicily, Country House Villadorata has undergone a careful restoration, becoming a resort designed as a sophisticated - and reserved - contemporary and welcoming residence, immersed in a bucolic context that rises from the sea to the hills.

The elegant structure is surrounded by a luxuriant estate of 22 hectares among olive trees, almond trees, lemons, oranges and a small vineyard, all grown with organic method in full respect of nature. The mansion has eight rooms with veranda and five large independent suites with private swimming pool. The gem is the restaurant entrusted to the chef Viviana Varese who proposes the responsible and sustainable project W Villadorata.

A path that enhances the territory

Located a few kilometers from the center of Noto, immersed in the uncontaminated hills of the homonymous valley, the fascinating structure where oil was historically produced, now recovered as an accommodation facility thanks to a skilful restoration, is proposed as stop of a path that links city and countryside, in order to enhance the different characteristic aspects of the territory located on the border of the Vendicari Nature Reserve.

Thematic tours

The magnificent lands of Val di Noto offer precious hidden treasures, unknown to most as they are hidden by a wild but at the same time harmonious nature. To invite its guests to discover it, animated by the desire to promote the beauties of the place, Country House Villadorata offers the possibility of undertaking thematic tours.

Organic farming and renewable energy

In addition to the organic cultivation of the land, in full respect of nature and its original ecosystem, Country House Villadorata is committed to minimizing its emissions and maximizing the use of renewable energy, aiming to obtain energy self-sufficiency.

The rooms and suites

Central junction between the baroque city of Noto and the sea, the residence has eight deluxe rooms with veranda, located in two different buildings, and five large independent suites with private pool. The atmosphere that reigns in the various refined environments is rarefied, relaxing, timeless.

The swimming pool: relaxation and well-being

Among the peculiarities, the water in the large swimming pool with free access for all guests, enriched with a mixture of natural salts with beneficial properties.

The kitchen - territorial and responsible - of Viviana Varese

For the second year, the starred chef and entrepreneur Viviana Varese proposes her project W Villadorata in the restaurant of the Villadorata Country House. A place, that of the Sicilian residence, which perfectly reflects the gastronomic ethics of its cuisine based on local products and genuine ingredients. The gastronomic experience declined in four paths - Air, Water & amp; Earth and Fire - is an immersion in southern / Sicilian flavors, also thanks to the raw material at Km zero, produced in the grounds of the resort or in the adjoining farm.

Territorial and social sustainability

For Viviana Varese and Country House, sustainability is not a concept linked only to the use of raw materials, but also to the choice of collaborating with both social cooperatives and small artisans. The cooperative that promotes social integration and the work placement of disadvantaged people, to which the resort has entrusted part of the productive garden of the Country Restaurant.

Territorial and social sustainability

The cooperative It can be done, which has converted uncultivated fields into land suited to organic farming , produces vegetables which are provided directly by the chef to make her healthy and creative recipes. Sustainability that from natural becomes social, such as the partnership with Eta Beta of Bologna, a reality that develops inclusion projects starting from artistic craftsmanship. W Villadorata Country Restaurant has chosen to collaborate with one of their shops for the creation of some dishes.