Unconventional scenography respecting the local architectural tradition for a villa in the Treviso countryside

"Architecture takes charge of the qualities that the place transmits and enhances them, activating a virtuous circle of mutual respect": these are the words with which Andrea Folla, executive director of Studio Folla Progetti, comments on the construction of a single-family villa located in Breda di Piave, in the province of Treviso.

Built on a large lawn and woodland, the house has a linear plan with an L-shaped plan, in harmony with the typical shapes of local rural buildings. The arm oriented along the east-west axis accommodates the sleeping area, the north-south axis houses the living area, overlooking on each side on architraved arcades. The only element that interrupts the simple development of the two elevations is the entrance, designed as a slightly protruding compass on the north facade.

In the entire north-south axis, the traditional sequence of rooms gives way to a unique environment in which the furnishings define the areas: the main protagonist is a multifunctional wooden element, which on one side houses the entire kitchen block and on the other it turns into a TV cabinet with relative object-holder columns, dividing the area into two distinct units.

All the rooms are organized with simplicity and the finishes adopted favor dialogue with the context: the external walls are covered with a natural lime-based plaster with a warm undertone, inspired by the tones of the surrounding environment. The floor of the living area and of the external porticoes was made with Deco Nuvolato by Isoplam, a continuous cement-based coating that made it possible to create a close connection between the house and the garden.

Applied in the Light Gray shade, the floor is characterized by the play of colors on the surface, which from a lighter background turn towards darker nuances. The continuous shaded effect, thanks to the full-height glass openings that illuminate the living area, reflects the colors and shapes of the countryside inside the house, enhancing the visual fusion between indoor and outdoor.