To obviate the anonymity of an apartment intended for rent, the Ukrainian interior designer Julia Baydyk has chosen to rethink the spaces with a personal touch

Julia Baydyk, founder of the design studio Alta Idea in 2008 in Kiev, Ukraine specializes in the design of residential and commercial spaces: its distinctive trait lies in the ability to reflect the energy and nature of the homeowner in each work.

With DOT, an apartment of only 53sqm located in the city of Kiev, the challenge was twofold: Julia Baydyk found herself thinking about the reorganization of rooms for a rented use, usually synonymous with little personality and anonymity.

She therefore has no input and strict requests, she has chosen to find the best interpretative key by reasoning together with her team on the ideal of house of desires.

A new layout of spaces

The project started with the rethinking of the layout of the rooms: some pre-existing elements were removed, such as some of the dividing walls, in order to create new life scenarios that were reasonable and convenient for everyday life at the same time.

The result was the birth of two new large spaces: a spacious common room with large windows overlooking the lake and a rather large wardrobe, so much so that it can be defined as a real dedicated cabin.

Kitchen and living room in 1x2 format

In a confined space like that of DOT, the need to optimize every square meter becomes the basic prerogative.

The team then worked on making maximum use of every corner: the corner kitchen, with built-in dishwasher, refrigerator and cabinets with large storage shelves, was destined for a part of the open space shared with the living room.

The latter, remarkably bright thanks to the windows that provide natural light with a view of nature at sunset, was designed for convivial use.

The choice not to introduce a television therefore becomes strategic, to ensure that the environment becomes a place for meeting and sharing with friends and family. Furthermore, the proximity (or rather the sharing) with the kitchen makes it an excellent expedient to facilitate the moments of meals and conviviality.

The palette

The intention was precisely to give a tone 'dreamy' to the house, as well as wanting to propose it as an elegant and functional choice for future tenants.

It can also be perceived by the color palette chosen for the entire project: the floor of the open space living-kitchen is characterized by tiles with a gradual tone that varies from beige to moka, with a delicate mother-of-pearl shade .

For the bedroom, the choice fell on three-layer parquet panels. An underfloor heating system was inserted throughout the flooring, which gave comfort to those who live in the house.

The sleeping area between functionality and leisure

The bedroom in the DOT apartment takes on a dual role: zone night, of course, and space dedicated to recreational activities.

The team decided to allocate a portion of free space to the passions and free time of the tenants: next to the window, a niche was left bare just to be destined for practice of meditation or yoga, as well as in a cot, in the case of families with infants. Or, possibly, to a preparation space that includes a dressing table.

To complete the environment, an ultra-large wall-mounted wardrobe, useful for storing, in addition to everyday clothes, also bed linen and other items.