American, a former fashion journalist who has lived in Sydney for ten years, this designer with a special taste has transformed an early twentieth century house into a refuge where frivolous fashion details coexist with the historical connotations of the apartment

In the early twentieth century, Chanel was able to appreciate and launch the minimal and sophisticated elegance of the little black dress, transforming it into an iconic piece of women's fashion. "A woman can be too dressed, but never too elegant", repeated Coco who associated absolute simplicity with class and refinement. And this simple attention to small details without exaggerating hyper-decorative is the mantra followed by Jillian Dinkel for the renovation of her apartment in the heart of Manly, Sydney.

Jillian, a former fashion journalist for the American edition of Vogue, is now the creative director of the design studio of the same name, specializing in the renovation of period houses. Houses with an ancient soul that are transformed thanks to small gestures of class, into modern living spaces that continue to emanate the original charm of the period. And it is exactly this magic made of adjustments that know how to communicate with the story that Jill applied in the restoration of her apartment near the sea.

A Victorian house dated 1904, which has undergone an interesting metamorphosis. Every single room has changed its intended use, while the materials, details and original features have remained unchanged. "I fell in love with the friezes that adorned the upper part of the walls like lace" explains the designer "and then coup de foudre for the decorative arch with columns and capital in the middle of the corridor that reminded me of a multi-level wedding cake".

These are some of the details around which the new project takes place. Certainly in all the rooms the attention is captured by the laces that create a delicate embrace between walls and ceiling. But, as with the famous little black dress, it's the little classy details that help complete the look. And so, here is a cobalt blue paneling coupled with a wallpaper with trees of a forest splashed in black and white, adorns the vestibule corridor.

A white fireplace in spiced marble completes the charm of yesteryear in the kitchen / living room, designed using contrasting lines. Here, the soft curves of the wooden island dance in contradictory harmony with the square storage units, finished with ornamental crowns that recall the ceiling friezes. “It's a game of balance” explains Jillian “I like to keep and emphasize the history of a building. But at the same time creating modern, contemporary spaces. And with a soul".

In fact, in the double bedroom, simple sepia black walls and ceilings design a unique environment where you can breathe an almost spiritual silence. Maybe it will be a coincidence or maybe a line of thinking related to fashion, but it seems that color is a minimal variable in the design of this apartment. Where surfaces and materials play the leading role.

Small multicolored touch, the window with cathedral glass that adorns the bathroom, obviously monochromatic.

It is almost spontaneous to connect the simple and essential mannerism, but rich in refined elegance of this Australian house to the words of Coco Chanel when she describes that little very special black dress "fashion vanishes, style remains".