How to create a lush green corner within the walls of your home during the coldest months of the year. With suggestions and ideas for new gardeners determined to conquer the famous green thumb

Entering a house where, here and there, there are numerous potted plants is equivalent to feeling instinctively more serene, with an automatic and immediate attunement to the frequencies of good mood.

Undeniable power of nature, even only in a 'domesticated' version, for objective space needs. Several authoritative studies confirm the reassuring action of plants, whether on the balcony or in the apartment (and, for the luckiest, in the garden).

But how to create a small and lush garden within the walls of your home? Here are some ready-to-use tips.

Indoor garden within everyone's reach

If you are not an experienced gardener, start from the base (the life of the seedlings depends on it!). If you don't have a balcony or terrace available, there is only one option left, which is to create an indoor green oasis.

Start by carefully evaluating which corner of the house receives the most light. Here you can create a small garden featuring different varieties of succulent plants, from cactus of various sizes to aloe.

What matters is that the plants in question are not in close contact with radiators and fireplaces and that the environment is sufficiently ventilated.

Please remember, with succulent plants the rule of less is more applies: a little water once or twice a month, taking care that the roots are not immersed in damp soil or, worse, wet.

For a high-impact indoor garden, invest in pedestals for plants, choosing them following a chromatic and/or material theme, for example bamboo wood or white lacquered metal, and so on. The elegant and joyful rendering is guaranteed.

Climbing plants and the garden becomes vertical

Do you know the famous Bosco Verticale skyscraper, created by star architect Stefano Boeri in the Isola district of Milan?

Here, in your own small way, you can create something similar directly within the walls of your home. Always considering the supply of natural light, create a green shelving, placing the species of climbing plants most suited to the environment on the various shelves of the bookcase or on ad hoc mounted shelves. indoors.

An excellent investment? The golden pothos plant, a resistant and tenacious indoor vine, is characterized by its shiny heart-shaped leaves in green and gold and for its It can also be suitable for those who lack a green thumb (it requires very little attention).

Commonly called Kangaroo Vine, the plant of the Cissus Antartica species grows lush and with its herbaceous bush appearance adds personality and a wild touch to every room.

I recommend: never without a saucer, soil tailored to the botanical species and, if possible, pots that are never too small.

Especially in the early stages, closely monitor the health of your plants. Little by little you will learn to understand what they need most: as with everything, it takes practice. And if you wish to fully enter the role of botanists and gardeners, the cult book to own is Atlas of elementary botany by Jean-Jacques Rousseau (published by L'Ippocampo) . To be kept, obviously, in a bookcase inhabited by plants.