Clean lines, stylistic counterpoints and material continuity characterize the renovation project of a historic residence in Lecce

The renovation project of a prestigious building in Lecce curated by the architect Francesco Greco has reinterpreted the interiors of the ancient residence while respecting its history. In fact, original elements such as walls, architraves and pillars have been preserved, left in exposed stone as evidence of the stratifications and the original construction techniques; the fireplace, on the other hand, was made by assembling stone frames found during the works.

The interior design intervention is characterized by minimal elegance, pure and simple lines and airy spaces, in which past and present coexist in harmony. The selection of furnishings and accessories is characterized by a balanced mix of contemporary design proposals, antique furniture and ethnic flashes.

The PerfectCombination surface of HDsurface contributes to creating visual continuity between the different environments, chosen in the soft and sober beige color, which covers the floors of the entire apartment, emphasizing the historical heritage of the place.

Thanks to its guaranteed performance (ease of cleaning, resistance to mold, stains and chemical agents, impermeability, resistance to heat and wear), PerfectCombination has also been used to cover the walls of the bathrooms, including the shower area, and those of the kitchen, behind the cooking area.