An essential intervention, defined by a geometric scan of refractions, emphasizes the historical –opulent – context of a house in Cesena

Four-meter-high ceilings, cross-shaped walls, frescoes from the 18th century and original decorations on walls, vaults, architectural elements and windows. We are in the ancient center of Cesena , all 'inside Palazzo Belletti, where Cavejastudio architetti, in collaboration with the multidisciplinary studio Denara, has treated with wisdom and - in essence - the intervention of r restoration and conservative renovation of a prestigious apartment of historical interest located on the first floor.

The ingredients - in subtraction - of the project are few and targeted, to emphasize the context: light, propagated by the large mirrors and reflective surfaces, and the orthogonal geometries of the black and clear joints that mark the panels and design the spaces.

Baroque amazement (in a minimal key) as a design yardstick

“The finest wonder is from architect” explain the designers of Cavejastudio, translating the maxim written about four hundred years ago by Giambattista Marino into a design key, exponent of baroque poetry. “Amazement welcomes those who enter the residence and amazement itself is the yardstick that defines the container organism that structures the entrance space and reinterprets it”.

Widen gaze and vision

“The mirrored surfaces that surround the new artifact are a perfect machine that brings the eye closer and away, multiplies the vision and is alien to the world: an attempt in the wake of the best tradition baroque to capture the infinite” conclude the designers.

Minimal point solutions

The philosophy of the entire project is based on maintaining the cross wall envelope that divides the apartment into four rooms similar to each other, avoiding the need for further distributive elements, but intervening with minimal punctual solutions, which optimize and give light to the spaces, able to relate to the historicity and the existing decorative opulence, without entering into collision.

In the center a mirrored storage unit

The protagonist of the entrance, and of the whole house, is a storage unit that encloses walk-in closet and pantry and at the same time supports a mezzanine on which an intimate convivial space is placed. The entire volume, technical, functional but also decorative, is covered with mirrored panels , interspersed with refined orthogonal black joints, which refract and multiply the light but dematerialize its presence, making it light and mysterious.

Furniture as architectural devices

Both in the living room and in the two bedrooms, the furniture themselves, with their light, luminous and functional volumes, become the spatial devices that configure the distribution layouts. If the position of the kitchen block on a platform underlines the entrance axis - typical living room of the noble floors, the wardrobe designed for the second room is modeled on the ceiling beams becoming the divider element from the space dedicated to well-being where a freestanding bathtub dominates.

Colors and mirrors, refractions and illusions

The sophisticated chromium plating chosen for the furnishings follow a palette derived from the shades of the frescoes, in order to establish a dialogue harmonious between the new contemporary elements and historical pre-existence. To emphasize the rooms, extremely elegant in their sobriety, the spotlights which, installed below, project the light upwards to emphasize the precious decorations and at the same time multiply refractions and optical illusions and space created by the game of mirrors.