A modern and functional private home, essential and sober. Designed by the LSA Studio and built by LignoAlp

In the heart of the Po Valley in the Reggio area, LSA Studio has designed a residential building whose project originates from the search for an architecture characterized by contemporary, communicative and evocative forms of an image aimed at the future. An essential and sober architecture, which knows how to interact with its surroundings, but at the same time, also affirm a principle of novelty. Using the light technology of the wooden frame made by LignoAlp it was possible to give a high-performance response to the design needs, fully engaging the master carpenters in finding the solution.

Villa MR is cubic in shape, with two levels that make up a complete and independent universe from the outside; above, more contained, the foreign body covered with an inclined pitch that houses the engine of the house with its photovoltaic system.

The large south-facing window represents the frontier towards the outside, reachable through a loggia that protects it from overheating. The large living room on two levels is designed not to create limits and the central wall from which the staircase comes out, light, almost ethereal, is covered with wood paneling like the treads that lead to the upper floor. On the first floor, from every point one faces the one below.

The panel structure of the central wall of the wooden construction allows great heights and structural slenderness. The use of wood, in the structure, in the finishes and in the furnishings, brings the building back into close contact with nature and characterizes its organic softness, in the face of a harder monolithic architectural form at first glance.

Novelty and character are the founding elements of a project conceived starting from simple and targeted gestures. Particular attention was paid to the outer shell. The frame structure allowed the creation of the flaring and the architectural characterization, attributing to the use of materials a dual function: creating synergy between the building and the surrounding environment as well as interpreting and making explicit the characterization of the compositional concepts.