The architecture blends with the landscape at Casa Puntara designed by the architect Vincenzo Leggio in the Ragusa area

Surrounded by the characteristic vegetation of the Mediterranean scrub of the Iblean plateau between olive trees and carob trees, Casa Puntara was designed by the architect Vincenzo Leggio who redesigned the owners' needs to have a refined and functional home, to live in contact with nature.

The lot overlooks two streets at different heights, which can be accessed via two pedestrian entrances and a driveway entrance. The villa is divided into three floors above ground staggered between them, to give the possibility to enjoy three different views.

The articulation of the main volumes is marked by the use of carefully chosen materials to enhance the area and to place the building in continuity with the surrounding landscape with the least possible impact. In particular, the ground floor is clad in white split stone, typical of the Hyblean territory; the first floor is dominated by white plastered surfaces and large glass openings; the top floor, like the one below, is covered in white and has sliding wooden screens.

The main floor is characterized by a free plan whose spaces move around accessories, made to measure, which delimit the various rooms: living room, kitchen and master bedroom; the ground floor houses a second kitchen, the dining area, a spa with hammam, the fitness area and an indoor pool; the top floor is dedicated to children with two bedrooms, one of which is double, each with a private bathroom and walk-in closet, a large study area, where a large bookcase is the protagonist and which leads to the roof garden, which overlooks the pool on the floor below.

The preference for Schüco aluminum windows (among these, the panoramic automatic and manual ASS 77 PD.HI sliding system, ASS 70.HI Design Edition sliding system, AWS 65 BS.HI window system) is in line with the design concept of the building that reveals a sustainable architecture integrated into the context: systems with light and resistant profiles were chosen, which allow a continuous relationship with the external space, guaranteeing a feeling of freedom and safety.

This happens thanks to the choice of Schüco BS (Block System) aluminum windows, with "retractable sash" inside the masonry, and to the installation of sliding systems, with manual and automated movement: panoramic solutions ideal for obtaining the maximum transparency and light, able to create a visual continuity towards the outside.

The entrance is enhanced by the installation of Schüco ADS 75.SI (Super Insulated), an innovative door with a threshold lowered to 1.5 cm which, in addition to offering the maximum in terms of anti-burglary security, is characterized by a unique and distinctive design , also thanks to the choice of wood paneling. All combined with maximum thermal and acoustic insulation performance.

Photo credits: Daniele Domenicali