Located in the area nicknamed 'Switzerland of Kazakhstan', this villa manages to make even the most minimal of contrasts pulsate: that between black and white

Located among countless centuries-old pine trees and surrounded by 14 lakes overlooking the mountains, this independent villa was identified by the owner family as a place for relaxation. A second home in which to spend moments of break and enjoy the pure air.

It is hosted by what is called 'Kazakh Switzerland', or rather the green area of Borovoe in Kazakhstan; a place chosen by the recipient family made up of six people (two parents and four children) to spend weekends and holidays in close contact with nature.

All about contrast

It was designed by the Kvadrat architecture studio which, to personalize the spaces, reasoned on the < strong>contrast principleas a guideline. A dry relationship between whites and blacks which described the entire project, while maintaining a lively and pulsating personality: above all, the dialogue between black and White determined the distinction between public and private areas, places to live in the sunlight or to retreat into at night.

Located respectively on the first and second floors, the combination of the environments dedicated to daytime and nightlife is flanked by a third area, the separate living area: a space in which the two colors coexist and merge, thanks to the organization on multiple levels.

The living area was in fact designed to develop on two floors - for a total height of 7 metres. An aspect that brings a further gain in space to the home, creating airiness and volume, in a dynamic flow of reflections and shapes encouraged by natural light.

To accentuate the principle of contrast, the team of architects wanted to play with materials: wood and stone, the heat that balances the cold. In an explicit reference to the relationships that regulate the dynamics of nature all around.

The corridor, walls and ceiling of the entrance are painted black, for a warm welcome that immediately puts the guest at ease. Immediately following, the light pervades and the bright area of the living area denotes a rhythm that returns to different areas of the house. In the living room, the view of nature is the protagonist with a large panoramic window overlooking the forest.


"The fact that the total white living area complete with a large vehicle that amplifies the absolute light effect is immediately placed in continuity with the dark entrance, ensures that the gaze of those who enter entrance perceives an even larger and more airy space than it actually already is", explain Rustam Minnekhanov and Sergey Bekmukhanbetov, directors of Kvadrat architects.

Quality without compromise

One of the key points on which the project was based is also the careful selection of natural materials where possible and a careful identification of solutions inclined towards virtuous practices of sustainable living. An approach which, moreover, is also synonymous with research and quality of materials and furnishings used.

Silence at first sight

The minimalism of the interior design is given by the desire of the property as well as the architects to maintain a high concentration on the landscape surrounding the property. The total absence of exaggeration in the shapes and colors, but also in the decorative textures, denotes how the work focused on the need to avoid anything that could create visual noise.

Considering the fact that it is to all intents and purposes a country house and that the family spends moments of relaxation in these environments to forget about the chaos of work or weekly activities, the interior design followed a 'meditative' way.