From a mansion overlooking the sea designed by Le Corbusier to a prestigious hotel, the Hotel Punta Tragara in Capri has maintained its stratified and terraced structure, renewing the look of its interiors

Villas perched on the rocks, cobalt blue sea, wild and intoxicating Mediterranean vegetation, lemon pergolas and the sun, grazing lights and cooling shadows. And the harsh spectacle of the Faraglioni, the intimate charm of Marina Piccola, the profile of the Amalfi Coast.

We are in Capri, in the historic Hotel Punta Tragara which over the years has been able to transform itself without betraying its soul, signed Le Corbusier. Over the years, the historic mansion overlooking the sea has renewed and refreshed its interior design. Last intervention, with a high rate of decoration, is the new suite with a panoramic terrace furnished and customized by Etro Home Interiors.

From Le Corbusier to the Manfredi counts

Le Corbusier imagined it as a magical place, a refuge, where “the body, heart and thought are sheltered”. Almost a century later, the “stracasa” commissioned by the Lombard engineer Emilio Errico Vismara overlooking the sea of Capri overlooking the stacks, is enriched with new suggestions under the Conti Manfredi , who in 1973 made it the Hotel Punta Tragara to become in the following years a five-star luxury hotel, now affiliated with Small Luxury Hotels of the World.

Giorgia Dennerlein’s eclectic compositional strategy

The historic home has now become part of the Manfredi Fine Hotel Collection. In 2019 the creative intervention of the architect Giorgia Dennerlein of Loto Ad Project had the ability to sew the volumes of this extraordinary architectural work following the 'suggestions' of the surrounding landscape. In the interior spaces, large patches of light amplify the spaces and accentuate colors and furnishings. The ancient soul of the villa marries and merges with the contemporary through a reasoned and eclectic compositional strategy. Today, the refined rooms of the hotel combine antiques with design elements and works of modern art.

The story

Going back in time, the Hotel Punta Tragara was born as an enchanting residence overlooking the sea with a view of the Faraglioni. It was 1920 when the Lombard engineer Emilio Errico Vismara chose Punta Tragara to build his villa. He entrusted the project to the young architect Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, better known as Le Corbusier, who in 1937 on Domus describes it as “a architectural flowering, an emanation of the rock, an offshoot of the island, a plant phenomenon, almost a lichen grown on the side of Capri”.

The “Stracasa”

The “Stracasa” of the engineer, as he himself calls it, takes shape - life - as if it were an integral part of the naturalistic backdrop that welcomes it and elevates it, up to the point where dominates everything, on the rock, on the vegetation, on the cobalt blue expanse of the sea. Over the years Punta Tragara changes soul and destination, from a private villa it became the headquarters of the American Command during the Second World War and welcomed illustrious guests such as Winston Churchill and Dwight D. Eisenhower, until in 1968 it was bought by Count Manfredi and later transformed into a luxury hotel.

A style of home

The 'home style' that distinguishes the hotel derives from the Manfredi family and means timeless elegance. A sophisticated style that comes from the ability to perceive the island's natural vocation and interpret it with personality and professionalism according to the best tradition and under the watchful eye of Goffredo and Leonardo Manfredi Ceglia. In the villa where the Count and Countess Manfredi once spent pleasant summers in the company of family, friends and personalities of international social life, today we recognize the most authentic Italian hospitality, or rather, Capri.

The new Pegaso Etro Suite

Suspended between sea and sky and set in this architecture with a fascinating history, the new Pegaso Etro Suite is a space capable of enhancing, with the unmistakable style of Etro Home Interiors furnishings, the refinement of a special context, maritime and rocky, Capri and same time international.

Immersed in the white and blue of Capri, which blend with the room thanks to the panoramic terrace and the large windows, the suite by Etro offers a intimate, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The fresh and delicate colors of the furnishings, combined with the intense volcanic gray of the floor and the Caprese white of the walls, enhance the incredible view and instill a feeling of privacy and hospitality.

Spectacular and symbolic, the Tree of Life painted on the walls welcomes guests and envelops them in its mystical embrace. The sleeping area is dominated by the imposing Bombay bed, whose headboard, enriched with decorative studs, acts as a separé with the wardrobe area, a space made to measure and fully equipped with Etro; the furnishings of the Etro Home Interiors collection that set up the other rooms of the suite are also customized.

The panoramic terrace of the suite is also set up with the outdoor Etro Home Interiors collection, a line of outdoor furniture that incorporates the stylistic codes of the brand.

43 rooms and suites with island names

What unites the other 43 rooms and suites, all different from each other, is the amazing view of the panorama that opens up and runs from the luxuriant nature of Capri to the intense colors of the sea. The beauty of the landscape also returns in the names of the suites, dedicated to the emblems of the island: Certosa, Monacone, Art Suite, Tragara and Faraglione, without forgetting the luxurious Pentahouse.

High catering

In a hotel that is a symbol of contemporary bienvivre, a catering project dedicated to haute cuisine could not be missing such as that of Le Monzù, led by Executive Chef Luigi Lionetti and awarded the prestigious Michelin star. A stone's throw from the Piazzetta di Capri, the starred Mammà restaurant completes the gourmet offer of Punta Tragara.

A highly identifying microworld

Hotel Punta Tragara also has two spectacular swimming pools and an exclusive Gin Club & amp; American bar Monzù. Wellness area, Gili Beauty & Spa and Hair Saloon represent yet another distinctive sign of the micro-world by Punta Tragara, intended both as a privileged tourist destination and as a highly representative place of an island that has always been dedicated to well-being.


Below, Le Corbusier's rediscovered sketches of studies relating to the design of Villa Punta Tragara in Capri.