In Malcesine, in Val di Sogno, 36 rooms and suites with direct views of Lake Garda - designed by and different from each other - welcome guests in intimate environments, where minors do not have access

Offering a high level of customization and an original concept, enhancing the structure, optimising the well-being experience, dedicating spaces to the needs of adults and rituals for couple life and, last but not least, being able to leave the world outside.

Started in 2018 starting from these objectives, the collaboration between Studio and the property of the 'Hotel Val di Sogno, initially consisted of the furnishing project of some rooms, and then developed from year to year to include the functional and spatial aspects of the suites, other rooms and common areas of the hotel.

A work in continuous evolution, which currently also involves the firm in the rationalization of the external areas, from the corten gate which allows a glimpse of the interior of the hotel with its view of the lake, to the swimming pool, up to the new street façade in corten, scheduled for 2025.

A continually evolving project

The Hotel Val di Sogno is located in Malcesine, on the Verona side of Lake Garda: a four-star superior (but thanks to this restyling process it aspires to be five-star) with 36 rooms of around 20 square meters and suites of around 70 square metres.

“For us architects it is the ideal client - confides Giulia Delpiano who with Corrado Conti founded the studio after common experiences in important architecture firms specialized in the field of hospitality in the United States – because it is a collaboration based on a solid professional culture.

The clients have always had clear ideas - a project is successful when the vision is defined - and from year to year we follow their business ambitions by developing new projects together".

“In the United States we have experienced the culture of hyper-specialised professionalism - continues Giulia Delpiano - combined with the presence of strong teamwork. We have tried to combine this efficiency and specialization with the all-Italian ability to create an emotional and artistic approach and sense to the project".

All the furnishings are made to a design by, a turnkey project - "yacht-like" specifies Delpiano, "where everything is designed, like a skin that follows the shape of the surface" - with a high level of customization in terms of choice of materials, coverings, finishes, selection of furnishing accessories and development of dedicated product collections.

The rooms and suites

“Continue to amaze trusted customers by offering them an increasingly emotional and experiential design and at the same time enhance the enchanting and unparalleled view of the lake. This was the challenge in our design of the new suites” says Giulia Delpiano.

The environments were designed with the aim of defining a space in which the guest was in connection with the surrounding nature and with its elements, from the water of the lake to the sky.

All furnishing solutions are custom-designed: the bedside tables, the headboards, the desk, the tables which can also be used as poufs, up to the suitcase rack. The classic Smeg refrigerator has been placed in a console with a circular mirror. The choice of colours favored shades that recall the natural colors of the place.

The peculiarity of the Splendid Junior Suite is the colour, between the tones of the sky and the lake; The Blue Pearl room is characterized by its retro-chic flavour, a tribute to Italian design and the forms of European modernism. Lovely Nest recalls warm tones with details refined

The common areas

The intervention of ovre.desig also extended to the reception area, developing an entrance hall in which the guest could enjoy, from the moment of check-in, of the lake view, with welcome table, pouf and velvet armchairs.

What was once the office area has been transformed into a boutique area with merchandising of furnishing accessories and clothing items designed by, in a project coordinated where everything, from the perfume (studied at length) to the cups, through to the gin label, is coordinated.

Restyling also for the bar area which, starting from a pre-existing base, involved the furnishings, the choice of upholstery and textiles in the name of customization and comfort.