Welcome 2024! All eyes on the New Year's table, to be made elegant and joyful with the complicity of ultra chic fabrics, crockery and glasses. 100% Instagrammable ​

Thinking about how to set up the New Year's table is a serious, very serious thing! At least for those who, this December 31st, are in charge of managing the equipment and layout of the dining room.

The first piece of advice is absolutely common sense: avoid overdoing it and keep the preparations within reason.

Your home is not Bukingham Palace! As for the rest, we asked a stylist who is highly trained in the field to share advice and inspiration for setting up the New Year's table so that it is worthy of a photo shoot.

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Designer table for New Year's Eve: the basics

As underlined by Laura Tocchet, set designer and interior stylist, «the New Year's Eve dinner represents a moment of conviviality, joy and affection. The perfect opportunity to get together, say goodbye to the past year together and wish each other good luck for what's to come.

Whoever has chosen to set up the New Year's Eve dinner at home has the task of creating a cheerful and comfortable table, where everyone can feel at ease.

A good idea for a successful New Year's table is to choose a style capable of linking every element present, from crockery to decorations. In this way, the yield will be coherent and with a certain impact."

Some inspirations for the perfect New Year's table

Tocchet continues: «if you are in the mountains I invite you to cover the table with a tablecloth in neutral and light tones, serving the various courses on steaming plates and placing appetizers, cheeses and cakes on wooden stands and/or on stone trays, ideally local.

Pine, fir and eucalyptus fairy lights and festoons to complete.

Those who love opulent tables will not be able to give up a traditional white or red cotton tablecloth, depending on their taste, as well as a complete set of plates and cutlery, thinking of every single course.

The underplate remains an evergreen detail, especially if classic in silver or woven wicker for a more country touch. Glass glasses are a must, differentiating them for aperitif, water and wine.

The handcrafted centerpieces create a familiar and lively visual focus, but the handwritten place cards will make the real difference, with perhaps the addition of a mini drawing or a dedicated phrase > to each of the guests.

Another element capable of making the atmosphere très chic is the bouquet of flowers, if possible coordinated with the color palette of the table. And then candles, preferably unscented to prevent them from covering the flavors and aromas of the dishes.

Finally, a more modern, minimal table in quiet luxury style. In this case, you cannot miss handmade ceramics, sinuous and linear glass, objects in steel or silver and why not?, some vintage accessories, such as the natural white linen or cotton textile for tablecloths and napkins.

If you are lucky enough to have your grandmother's trousseau hand-embroidered with small motifs, don't hesitate to show it off. Small unusual objects will make the mise en place original. Does this seem like too much? It's still New Year's Eve!

Foto di copertina: Lisa Corti, collezione Resort 2024