The Inda Milano showroom in Porta Romana gets a makeover with a brand new layout: the project is signed by Studio Marco Piva

The Inda Milano store in via Pier Lombardo 30 (overlooking via Tiraboschi), presents itself with a brand new layout, designed by Studio Marco Piva. Furniture, mirrors, lights, accessories, shower walls are the protagonists in the brand's universe in the sign of made in Italy and customization. Partner for the faucets is Fratelli Frattini, which has complemented Inda's collections for years.

An immersive experience

"Wellness is an experience. An emotion that combines shapes and colors, past and contemporary. A suspended place, a fluid space, the ritual of today and tomorrow," explains Marco Piva. "This was precisely the concept that guided the restyling project of the Inda showroom: a rituality told in every detail, from the grazing lights to the display and modular boxes that are repeated to show different types of furnishings, to the finishes of the canned materials. The spaces have been rethought with an immersive experience in mind."

Collections between customization and innovation

At the center of the new project, the person and the experience of the bathroom place of rituality, a moment of relaxation in which the body finds its balance through the objects that surround it. The architecture of the new Inda showroom is designed to accompany the visitor on a journey to discover total look collections, customization and innovation.

A new user experience

"The collaboration with Studio Marco Piva was crucial to the evolution of the project," says Denis Venturato, president of Inda. "His innovative vision transferred a distinctive aesthetic to the showroom and, through the novel layout, outlined a new user experience. The challenge was important; we are proud to address an increasingly broad audience, to meet the world of design and individuals in a space designed as a tool at the service of design."

The box concept

Inda's exhibition spaces are built around the box concept, a recurring form in the layout and the defining element of the eight bathrooms (six medium-sized ones in the central gallery and two large ones at the extreme corners of the showroom). Each box, enhanced by Led strips, which are always on to illuminate the display even at night, and a dedicated color palette, sketches a microcosm where furniture, mirrors, lights, shower walls and accessories dialogue with each other.

The curtain walls

Other architectural elements include smoky gray curtain walls (at some of the storefronts) to frame the spaces and create a "talking" path. "A world of possibility" is the claim that accompanies each quinta and accommodates key words evocative of the brand's identity. Special attention is paid to mirrors, to which the company in 2023 dedicated its first price list, which have a reserved space where the most technological best sellers are displayed along with a "Behind the scene" display case that tells about their innovation.

Mezzanine and business meeting room

The mezzanine houses the offices and, thanks to full-height volumes, creates an intimate but not closed space to receive designers and clients, while the basement houses a business meeting room that, when needed, also becomes an exclusive private lunch area thanks to the presence of the kitchenette.

Photos: Andrea Martiradonna - Styling: Silvia Makita