Casa SLD is an ecotech treasure chest in Puglia designed by m12 Architettura Design as a "gift" from a child to his parents: an act of love that gave life to a home that offers comfort, well-being and quality environments

Knowing how to donate is an art. Precious, heroic, courageous, full of hope. And if it is often true that the excellence of a gift is more in its adequacy than in its value, in the case of this home, adequacy and value are complementary. This house, like a precious casket, conceals a child's gift to his parents inside: a welcoming place, with all the comforts for those who live there, to be able to take care of themselves and spend peaceful years; environments in which to recover after a lifetime of work; a refuge to be opened, shared and given in turn to children and grandchildren.

Developed in height

Casa SLD, designed by the m12 Architettura Design studio founded by the architect Michelangelo Olivieri, makes the most of an area of ​​just over 100 square meters developed in height. The house is on four levels, connected to each other and connected by an elevator. The concept is played on the combination of advanced technologies and natural materials: the result is a clean, minimal aesthetic, in accordance with the urban context in which it is inserted.

An accomplice customer

“We would always like to have curious, complicit and interested customers to offer ideas, suggestions and details, as close as possible to their wishes. We are certain that the difference is made in the field of choices, sometimes strong and courageous ”, explains the designer.

Comfort and well-being

Here then, on the ground floor, in addition to the garage camouflaged by the external cladding, the guest bedroom, with bathroom, intended for young grandchildren. On the first floor, the heart of the house, kitchen, dining room, guest bathroom and storage room. On the second floor, the sleeping area: surrounded by large windows, it gives the feeling of a continuum with the outside and has a master bathroom and a small wellness area consisting of a terrace, an outdoor swimming pool (also counter-current) and a whirlpool.

The solarium area

At the top of the building, dominated by white steel beams to protect this small casket, at the same time outlining its profile, the solarium area. The large openings on the elevations are equipped with a particular sliding system covered in wood that acts both as a security system and as a solar shield.

Materials and colors

The floors are in stoneware on the first two levels and in natural elm parquet treated with oil for the sleeping area, while the terraces are covered with wood-effect stoneware. Wood, stone, glass and white plaster constitute the natural material-chromatic palette of a project that is placed with discretion in the characteristic network of streets, alleys and alleys of the Apulian towns.

An ecotech house

The use of thermodynamic panels for the production of hot water, underfloor heating managed by a heat pump and wooden solar screens, together with insulation and thermal break glass, make the house energy sustainable.

Photo by Antonio Giaconella and Aldo Dith