For architecture lovers and hospitality enthusiasts: a luxury hotel with a rationalist soul designed by Patricia Urquiola, according to the heartfelt indications of the property

Clear body and chameleonic soul. Not just aesthetics, the personality of The Serene Lake Como is measured between architecture and welcome, a calibrated mix of nuances that work. Thanks to a categorical 'no' to the anonymous coldness of the packaging, as well as of the service, which rewards.

The Sereno Lago di Como, part of the Sereno Hotel Group and already Resort Hotel n. 1 in Europe according to Travel + Leisure, it was in fact awarded two keys in the Michelin Italy Guide 2024: the recognition which awarded 1, 2 or three keys to only 146 of the 526 participating hotels around the world, according to the criteria of exterior architecture and interior design, individuality and authenticity, comfort, personality and quality of service.

In fact, in addition to being defined in its aesthetic aspect, the five-star luxury structure located in Torno and belonging to the Group owned by Luis Contreras, it tells of a desire aimed at homageing the territory and its heritage in architectural terms. A character that can be recognized in the purely rationalist lines of the exteriors, which faithfully refer to the volumes of the famous Palazzo Terragni (also known as Casa del Fascio), designed by the architect of the same name Como and inaugurated in 1936.

A inclination to design that is new to the territory - usually hosting structures designed with typically neoclassical styles - and rather appreciated by the younger generations, which tells a lot about Contreras' passion for design: "I wanted to pay homage to the culture local, but above all I wanted to honor the holders of the keys to the past of this place which in my opinion owes a lot to the architect Terragni, a fascinating designer who is an emblem of Como. Every corner of Il Sereno was conceived, together with Patricia Urquiola, to celebrate the local heritage: from the Lombard strain and the natural materials to the color palette lakeside, right down to the culinary offering" says the owner.

The project, in its entirety, is curated by Patricia Urquiola, who signed the entire design of the structure and the creativity of the interiors, as with all indoor and outdoor furnishings. outdoor. A partnership strongly desired by Contreras, who for the inauguration of the structure in 2016 could not imagine any other signature other than that of the Asturian architect who would be able to elevate the type of hospitality conceived by the owner to a higher level, thanks to style choices and function designed to measure.

Thanks to the chromatic choices, in fact, but also of shape, Il Sereno dialogues placidly with the lake waters with which it borders and the intense green of the opposite slope.

For the landscape project, Contreras relied on Patrick Blanc, a French creative who brought to light the culture of vertical gardens: "I wanted to call Blanc, because I wanted to integrate into the structure of the green portions that depicted the vertical vegetation typical of Lake Como. I had no doubts,” confirms Contreras.

The landscape designer was able to integrate into the luxury structure the typical vegetation that can be observed all around Il Sereno, through variegated vertical green walls.

Three suites, including a new 'shoppable' version

With forty rooms in total, Il Sereno Lago di Como offers a type of hospitality that aims to offer the customer all the beauty of the location he enjoys, without frills.

The landscape is the protagonist of every room overlooking the green waters with private terraces, on which it is also possible to taste the specialties of the chef and the bar tender.

Noteworthy in the interior design are some specific refinements such as the plays of depth designed for the mirror decorations, which increase the perception of spaciousness of the spaces, but also the nautical-reminiscent details strong> of the walk-in closets, and the hideaway solutions that characterize each room: linear walls with minimal elegance hide compartments, walk-in closets and discreetly communicating rooms.

In addition to the bathrooms, real environments designed with a personality in themselves, which are characterized by a interweaving of transparent volumes with a view of the internal greenery of the structure, and spaces designed with precious Italian materials such as marble Warm and welcoming Travertino Noce.

Confirming a family luxury, which does not require extreme tones of voice.

Three suites complete the offer: Darsena, Piccoletta – the novelty for 2024, also designed by Urquiola – and the Penthouse Suite which is presented in > shoppable format, i.e. furnished with authorial pieces completely available for purchase by the customer. Among the furnishings there are elements designed by Carlo Scarpa, Charlotte Perriand, Gio Ponti and, of course, Patricia Urquiola to name a few.

The new spa, hosted by the centuries-old dock

Among the 2024 novelties of Il Sereno, also the restyling of the spa area, completely covered in stone and created from a centuries-old dock on the water's edge. The treatment menu is complementary to the wellness areas such as sauna and Turkish bath, both designed by Urquiola with local Italian tiles.

The experience continues outside, on board the heated freshwater infinity pool suspended over Lake Como.

Among the experiences available to the guest, there is also a rental car fleet which includes: Fiat 500, FIAT Topolino, a new Maserati and a Vespa APE, as well as the elegant Ernesto Riva self-driving boat; or a private mixology experience that can be enjoyed through a cocktail trolley designed by Patricia Urquiola to prepare and enjoy cocktails such as The Milano-Torino, Negroni, Old Fashioned, Martini and others in the comfort of your own rooms or private terraces.

Villa Pliniana

Secret gem (but not too much, given that on Instagram alone he has his own page which has 26 thousand followers), is Villa Pliniana, the private property located a few kilometers from Il Sereno. A jewel with a preserved style, in this case, which houses eighteen rooms and a capacity of up to forty people. Reachable via a public greenway that guides enthusiasts up to a few meters from the property, or via the lake via private boat, the villa can be rented individually and appreciated for - often - intercultural events.

The Serene Lake Como: ultimately, why go there

Serene Lake Como is popular because it gives voice to a mix of visions: tradition, in volumes, materials and in the type of punctual and impeccable hospitality; the initiative of the property, which did not wish to be homologated, aims to propose a new style of hospitality, oriented towards the comfort of personalisation, also in the type of interpersonal relationship maintained by the staff; and, finally, the skills of the owner who has an undoubted passion for design and chooses to offer a contemporary, constantly evolving experience. Just as we like (and need) today.