Where the roman emperor built one of his 12 villas in Capri, today Il Castiglione is one of the island’s most exclusive residences, and more. a place of dreams that is now accessible to (almost) everyone

The name of the location, Capri, is already enough to make this work of architecture the stuff of dreams. And if we add its history, connected with the emperor Tiberius who built one of his 12 homes here on the island about 2000 years ago, the situation becomes truly unique. The reality surpasses the imagination, because Villa Il Castiglione is unimaginably in a class by itself. We’re on a cliff at a height of 250 meters overlooking the sea, where the wind has carved out a bit natural cavern. The panorama is one of Capri’s most thrilling: on one side we see the Faraglioni, on the other the famous Piazzetta, facing Marina Piccola; all framed by the Bay of Naples.

Between the blue of the sky and the blue of the sea

Villa Il Castiglione is considered one of the most exclusive properties on the island, and in 2013 the Wall Street Journal included it in the list of the world’s 25 most beautiful residences. It conserves portions of the fortress walls erected in the Middle Ages over the ruins of a Roman construction ordered by the emperor Tiberius.

A totally unique experience

The conversion as a private facility has been recent, thanks to the Caracciolo family, which transformed it into a luxurious two-story villa. Today it is part of the Manfredi Fine Hotels Collection, and after an operation of soft restyling of the interiors developed in collaboration with Giorgetti, the dream of residing temporarily in this property has become reality: maybe not for everyone, but certainly for the happy few, in search of a totally unique experience.

Traditional craftsmanship and modern design

The layout of the spaces and design of the interiors obviously take clientele of the highest level into account, also for exclusive private events. The level set aside for guests – the basement is only for functions and service personnel – is organized around a large living area of 300 square meters, subdivided between daytime and dining zones, where the mixture of modern furnishings (nearly all produced by Giorgetti) and vintage items, contemporary art and decorative features of the local crafts tradition, generates a refined but also lucid, airy atmosphere, with a strong accent on the view of the sea.

Sea view

The main protagonists are the windows, set directly on the cliff; to clad the part below, the Caracciolo family has opted for the artistic tiles of the Amalfi Coast, whose colors are now echoed in the resin of the dining table, a custom piece made by Rugiano.

As the bow of a ship

From the hall one proceeds to the landing of the guestrooms, placed on both sides. There are five in all, equipped with private bathrooms and differentiated in terms of finishes and furnishings, always focusing on neutral, relaxing colors. The master bedroom, with a parlor, and the adjacent Coral Room, have the privilege of access to the terrace that opens the spaces to the outside, along the ancient walls of the construction, projecting the gaze towards the Faraglioni, as if from the bow of a ship.

All the aromas of the Mediterranean

Just below the terrace, and still overlooking the sea, the dramatic swimming pool hollowed into the rock offers a truly immersive experience: on one side the many shades of blue of water and sky soften their contours; on the other, the cool, relaxing greenery of a park of 30,000 square meters surrounds Villa il Castiglione, bringing all the aromas of the Mediterranean.

Photos Guido Fuà