Inside Out 2 is at the cinema and for the most passionate fans AirBnb has made the location-headquarters of the animated film available for a night full of emotions

Since it was released at the cinema (June 19, 2024 in Italian cinemas and the 14th in American ones),Inside Out 2has recorded a box office number that would seem to write a new record as the best debut ever for an animated film in our country.

Emotions as characters, the reunion with Riley - then a young protagonist who is now a teenager - and a colorful set are just some of the ingredients that have made the sequel to the successful first chapter highly anticipated, Inside Out (2015).

And the setting itself has become the location for a dream night: for the lucky ones who booked in time (it's already sold out!), AirBnb has made available a week of 15 free stays, open to the public from 1 to 16 July 2024, to stay in the Headquarters of emotions of Inside Out 2.

The location, which is among the proposals in the Icons category of the short-term rental giant, which also includes the home of Up(2009, Pixar and Disney) - Una notte al Ferrari Museum in Maranello, to name a few, allows those who have booked to spend time with Joy, the emotional protagonist of Inside Out, and with her to indulge in testing the emotions and experiences illustrated in the film.

An example? Push the buttons on the General Console or create your own memory sphere inspired by the monochromatic walls of the Headquarters. Or, again, fall asleep in the bedroom you prefer: heavenly and joyful or relaxing and calming.

The set of Inside Out 2: Burano is also there

The setting of the film is typical of the American production company: bright colors and plastic yet plausible lines contribute to the narrative, becoming an active part of the plot. The Headquarters of emotions alive with lights and AirBnb visitors offers settings that wink at the 70s and 80s, between softness and geometry, with hints of design involving complements and elements of furniture (among others, a Nessino by Artemide also appears, in the photo).

A tribute to the iconic hues of those years, now once again appreciated for contemporary interior design projects, and which is also reflected in the choice of Disney and Pixar to involve the iconic, colorful Burano for a city-sized promotional campaign.

In recent days, in fact, some emotion-installations have appeared in Burano, site-specificc works created with local artisans through the use of recycled materials, which have set up the homes of the island with full-height graphic representations.

Inside Out 2, because everyone is talking about it

With this second chapter, Pixar offers a complete immersion in the adolescent phase of the protagonist Riley, who we met as a child on the first date in 2015, and with her her emotions. To the already known Joy, Fear, Sadness, Anger, Gusto, the new entries Anxiety, Embarrassment, Ennui and Envy are added now and always in the form of animated characters: in short , a real washing machine of emotions, exactly how adolescence presents itself.

Also interesting is the fact that Pixar, with the director of Inside Out Kesley Mann, have involved a task force of teenagers to represent in a timely and non-approximate way, nor far-fetched or glossy, the emotional and environmental dimension of today's adolescents. 13 young girls, coming from different locations in the United States, would co-plan the film, helping to shape the plot and the developments according to what was most realistic.