An intimate, sophisticated and muffled environment, inspired by the design of the 70s and contaminated by Japanese influences. Dimorestudio signs the Milanese spaces of Langosteria Cucina

It has recently opened in Milan Langosteria Cucina. The new restaurant, located in via Savona 10, next to the group's flagship restaurant, bears the signature - recognizable in all its cultured and eclectic elegance - by the creative duo of Dimorestudio. Langosteria Cucina is the brainchild of Enrico Buonocore. It is designed to offer diners a new food & wine experience every single night, chosen from the chef’s menu.

A place designed for friends and fans of the Langosteria style, where you can taste a different food & wine experience than other restaurants. The refined and muffled atmosphere gives life to a special proposal, tailor made.

Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran of Dimorestudio designed an intimate and discreet ambiance, ‘domestic’ as much as sophisticated. The dining area is inspired by ‘70s style, with Japanese influences. The kitchen is part of the space, behind a central silver-plated barrier, with profiles of black lacquered wood with a bamboo-like finish.

The bar is located in the center of the room, dominated by a vintage lamp almost ten feet long, made of glass and brass, whose border flange overhangs the green marble counter.

The chairs and tables of the restaurant were chosen and designed to be shorter than standard, in order to create a lounge atmosphere.

The lighting is crowned by a ceiling-mounted sculpture, a version of the Dimoremilano 064 flat lamp, while the walls are graced with vintage lamps from the Ignazio Gardella gallery.

The interior design project was fundamental to best express the concept of intimacy and discretion that gave rise to Langosteria Cucina. The choice of a warm color palette, with beige and off-white, creates a welcoming and hushed atmosphere.

The food & wine experience of the new local is centered around sharing, with Langosteria’s heirloom dishes alternating with a selection of innovative concoctions. Each table can choose 8 courses from the restaurant’s menu, curated by the Group’s historic Chef, Denis Pedron, as usual in collaboration with Corporate Executive Chef Domenico Soranno. The proposal is completed and enhanced by a selection of wines, paired with and on the menu, curated by Valentina Bertini, the Group's Corporate Wine Manager.