Nick Maltese Studio designed, in collaboration with Fede Pagetti Interiors for the interior design part, the interior of a penthouse flat in a historic building

How do you design a flat as if it were a reinterpretation of a hotel junior suite? This intervention by architect Nick Maltese tells us. As a rule, a suite is located in the rooms of a hotel on higher floors and has a larger surface area than the other rooms. In terms of size, it can be compared to a flat, sometimes even arranged on several levels. A suite must offer maximum comfort, which is why an architect must be able to meet the demands of the client when designing the project.

Fulfilling the needs of the client

And this project fully meets the needs of the owner (a fashion and beauty influencer) with a large contemporary living area in which custom-made details and furnishings, precious surfaces and excellent materials stand out. While the sleeping area has been designed not only as a place to rest, but as an identity environment that follows the architect's vision of the night area, to provide the owner with a space-refuge that is both creative and operational.

Functional and modern

The architect has been able to enhance the beauty of the context, leaving the load-bearing beams and roof structure exposed, painted white to give a more contemporary feel to the environment. Maltese focused on creating a functional and modern flat, in which the style choices (from finishes to furnishings) speak a coherent, modern language that reveals extreme care in the selection of materials and the search for innovative solutions.

Perspectives and volumes

The structure increases the perception of perspectives and volumes thanks to a telescope effect, evident in the living room, organised by the scanning of windows to maximise natural light. The conversation area, with leather sofa and bioethanol fireplace, fades into the dining area; custom round table with sculptural base, LC7 armchairs by Cassina and mirrored top reflecting the 1960s chandelier by Gino Sarfatti for Flos. The kitchen was custom-made with a porcelain stoneware top, marble effect. Everywhere, a light parquet floor runs, with medium-sized planks laid in a Hungarian herringbone pattern.

The hotel suite theme

The private wing of the flat includes a spacious bathroom with shower, where the light wood warms and lightens the dark coating of the grey resin and anthracite sanitary ware. In the bedroom, there is a bed on the back wall, with a wardrobe next to it featuring custom-made glass wardrobes and carpeting on the floor. A freestanding bathtub, positioned opposite the bed, again recalls the hotel suite theme.

We asked Nick Maltese to detail the intervention.

What is the concept of the project?

"The project is a reinterpretation of a hotel junior suite. On a planimetric level, the organisation is based on three macro-areas: the open living area, the sleeping area, and the owner's work space."

Careful and precise choice of colour"The guiding colours I have identified include dark tones, contrasting with the white of the ceiling, and a dusty palette, embracing powder and earth tones, to ideally link the environment with the world of make-up, of which the owner is one of the most relevant influencers."

A project that respects the existing...

"The interiors are modern thanks to a skilful use of surfaces, either smooth and modern or material, inserted in a characterising architectural container, without modifying its expressive language. A balance between the desire to design something new and the desire to preserve the flavour of the place."

Photos: Simone Furiosi