The new professional base of Luca Nichetto in Stockholm is called Pink Villa: a completely revolutionized and Instagram-proof residence from 1930. Inside and outside

The Pink Villa base of the new Swedish studio by Luca Nichetto: a place where whereeverything seems to be in its place, from the colors to the shapes. Inside and outside. The result is a perfect product: an extremely instagrammable residence and, at the same time, which lends itself fully to embody the new Swedish headquarters of the studio.

Completely renovated in just one year, the villa dates back to 1930 and is immersed in a quiet district of Stockholm not far from the water canals and 2 minutes from the furthest park.

What conquers, if observed from the outside, is the bubble gum effect with which the residence presents itself to the visitor's eyes: a double result, which varies according to the time of day you are there.

In the evening, when artificial light shines inside the studio, the sensation of candy pink becomes decidedly more intense than when it lives in natural light alone. A passage that immediately makes it suitable for the 'social shot' test.

General revolution

Identified in the midst of the pandemic period (in 2021), Nichetto chose to opt for a residential solution to distance itself from the classic commercial structures that one is used to associating a studio.

To live it, however, you have chosen to completely revolutionize the pre-existing plan. The goal was to create an environment that sheds light on three essential values for the well-being of his team: the creativity that evaporates from every element, the sense of familiarity and welcoming that pervades, the adequacy of a space devoted to hard work.

On the first floor, as you enter the villa, you are immediately greeted on the left by two rooms: a laboratory where the designer's wife, Asa Carlstedt Nichetto, spends the weekends creating, and a room meetings with large wall-mounted screen for video calls.

Proceeding you then find yourself in a corridor that leads to the bright living room with relaxation area.

Each element here is a unique piece: colors and geometries create a symphony that invites you to have fun recognizing decor models and icons. The view, which almost looks like a large naturalistic picture, accompanies you towards the external panorama surrounded by greenery.

The ground floor is completed by the kitchen, located right next to the living space: light is the protagonist here, thanks to the large windows that run along the walls.

The productive heart

The central work area is located on the upper floor of the house, where there is a private office and an 'open' space designed to welcome guests.

Always in line with the relaxed but professional and creative mood of the studio, the team members do not have fixed workstations: the invitation is to move freely in the space, without limitations.

The annex

Even the old garage of the pre-existing home has taken on a central role in the revolutionary spirit of the renovation. The space, previously used as a warehouse, is now a guest suite affectionately called by the team 'Chalet'.

It's like stepping into a small townhouse, with a cozy living room, bedroom and Swedish sauna.